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Simbu-Trisha to go to Sicily

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image If a good train goes fast, you would be surprised. Gowtham Menon’s sudden changes are like that. He usually takes 2 years for a movie, but he has almost finished ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya.’

Gautham confirmed this on the cell phone. “Yes, almost 70% is over. Simbu expressed his desire to act in my film. I had also wanted to direct him in a film. This film suited both of us, so it worked out.

Early on, stills of Simbu and Trisha in popular poses from old type of films were released for publicity. That was to show that this is a romantic film. Trisha had said she had agreed to the film without even hearing the story. Simbu and Trisha both gave their call sheet like that. But it was my duty to tell them the story. Only after that we started the shooting.

AR Rehman has composed 4 songs. 2 songs have been picturised already. For the other 2 songs, we are going to Malta near Sicily . There will be 12 days of shooting there. Only Hollywood film ‘Gladiator’ shooting has taken place on this island. After that, only we are going there. The film will be released in August. I am also directing another film now that has no title as yet.

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