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‘Long live human dignity; shame on international community

[TamilNet, Sunday, 17 May 2009 19:35 2 Comments]

While the so-called international community is "exposed of its shameful conning," thousands of Tamil civilians and combatants are laying down their lives to "uphold Tamil dignity, and human dignity," says a Tamil academic in Colombo. Those who blame the LTTE for bringing in the disaster know well that Colombo always had the option to negotiate or to come out with a political solution convincing Tamils not to continue the conflict. But Colombo’s aim is not power sharing but genocide and subjugation of Tamils by forcing war on them. "The only way now for the IC to come out of the colossus shame is direct intervention and recognition of the justification for Tamil Eelam," the academic said.

Further comments from the academic:

"Mahinda Rajapaksa’s untruthfulness to the world on the use of heavy weapons, the number of Tamil civilians involved in the tragedy and the number of them get killed are too well known. Yet the IC shamefully allows them, allows the imprisonment and inhuman humiliation of civilians and in future plans to leave everything in the hands of Colombo.

"Tamils don’t expect any sense of shame or any justice coming either from Colombo or New Delhi, the partners of the war. The world knows Sonia’s statement a week ago that the war was over by the efforts of her government and Pranab Mukherjee’s statement a couple of months back, putting the number of civilians at 70,000. They will never be bothered about shame.

"China, Russia and Vietnam, by sitting on UN, act on behalf of Colombo and New Delhi, to prevent international action and to keep the Tamil question to rot at the backyard of the war partners. The Indian Establishment is particularly adamant in preventing all international efforts. It could have acted long back had it really cared for its natural allies in the island and even now it doesn’t need any ‘invitation’ from any one, if it wants to do any justice to Tamils. It has to only come out of its ‘bias’.

"But the Co- Chairs and especially the US among them, which is directly involved in the crisis by setting its course diplomatically, has undeniable responsibility. What is the effect or credibility of the recent White House statements is a question widely asked in the Tamil circles now.

"Colombo has neither stopped war nor stopped using heavy weapons and there was no UN to receive the injured and the captured civilians. Only the LTTE responded to the White House statement.

"Caring for Colombo’s meaningless sovereignty and waiting for unwilling India’s consent will bring in only disastrous effects on the credibility of the West and on the reliability of the global order it envisages.

"It is clear that the LTTE is prepared to meet the White House demands within the means of Tamil dignity and if the US statements are going to mean only a conning, they are prepared to die fighting but not without upholding Tamil dignity.

"The ball is in the court of the White House.

"With the dignity and self-respect upheld, the Tamils can always rebuild their struggle. But the shameful ones will never find credibility again."

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  • Kumar Nathan said:

    I am a Sri Lankan Tamil of Indian origin. I lived 30 years in Sri Lanka and the last 30 years in U.K. making this comment on ‘ End of the Tiger’
    All Tamil politicians, MP’s, mediators all failed to save Tamils of Lanka. This is just the mentality of the North and East Tamils and their ego to govern of their own drove them to arm themselves with the help of Diaspora LTTE promoters and mobs. There were democratic processes, if one correctly utilise the political processes, all problems can be resolved by negotiations and not by taking Arms and Bombs.
    I can remember those days when G.G Ponnampalam, Dudley Senanayake and J.R. Jeyawardena, Premedasa were PMs. There were good politicians like Budduhideen Mohamed, Dr. N. M. Perera, Selvanayagam, Kadhirkamar, and Ananda Cumara Swamy. There were bad forces within Jaffna people never followed the main line Politics with good leaders like Selvanayagam. There was a cancer growing within the Tamil groups to Separate Sri Lanka and rule, unfortunately who joined these groups are all separatists. Unfortunately, who funded LTTE, Diaspora groups? After failing many attempts for a peaceful negotiated solution, going madly on the terrorist route is where North and East Tamils went wrong. Possibly, they were guided and driven wrongly very deeper in to killings and violent. The violent seeds were sown repeatedly without any intervention from any Tamil peacemaker. After all, Tamils know the bitter lessons of the past world wars, the horrible destruction of townships and innocent people in Vietnam, Iraq, and Palestine, Afghanistan etc.
    Tamils are very clever and very peaceful people, very creative people yet opted for an armed struggle. Pity that time, lives and money wasted finding armed solution for the social, civil problems.
    Time and money can be earned, not human lives. There was a time when Norwegians came forward to mediate peace, but LTTE were extremely adamant not to take a lower seat. Unconditionally, LTTE sat firm on ‘ no negotiation without pre condition’ The political side of LTTE should have settled for a lower step ‘Give and take’ policy should have been tactically followed and set on a political platform to steer in to main line politics with the Sinhalese. Where are all the level-headed good Tamil Political leaders? Anton Balasingham, Tamil Sevam all sacrificed their lives; any good came out of these. More violent and angrier LTTE. Year 2006 was LTTE turning point, when signs of cracks appearing within LTTE. At that time all the Diaspora people sitting enjoying ‘ Gin and Tonic’ and not doing nothing personally to their loved ones back in their own soil.
    Diaspora groups are pre occupied, while having a lavishing life style in western world and giving the pounds, dollars, and Kroner for a luxury life for Prabhakaran. Badly guided, single mindedness LTTE leader went ahead with what they felt right, without proper political leadership from Diaspora Tamils.

    Suddenly when all collapsing, all Diaspora university students heard the news, they have a Tamil Eelam. They never had seen the soil or the originality of their own people suffering without food and clothing. Among Tamils- top Lawyers, top Doctors, and top political architects – All are now waking up for the ‘ last call’ when Tamil ship is sinking! Is there a last minute escape?
    The biggest ever disaster was killing Rajiv Gandhi……….Continued the disastrous path to present crises. In 2006, LTTE should have gone for lesser point in the negotiation , accepted a referendum for Tamil voice to be heard then steered clear to a devolution of power and of course the people’s voice would have heard far and loud in to the main stream politics. All chances were missed due to foolishness and lack of thought and lack of political leadership within Tamil groups. What are the chances now? LTTE is a banned organisation when ‘zero tolerance’ announced by Bush following 9/11. We all know there are double standards practiced by Western world, Britain follows U.S ideas. Then our France and Germany, Sweden buys the same.
    When George Bush and Tony Blair bombarded Iraq on false information about WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction), they killed thousands of innocent civilians including children and women.
    When UN Security Council surveyors arrived at the war site for post war inspection to detect WMD, no trace of WMD found. Bush and Blair never went to prison for killing innocent people due to their wrong pre concept. When Israel bombed Hamas, not a dog from world media allowed to the fighting zone.
    Israel accomplished their war plan and then pulled out, despite crocodile tears shed by western politicians.
    Same standards now practised in Afghanistan using Pakistan as the doer of U.S ideas.
    Does any one think U.S, Britain, or any country will help LTTE in its present terror form? Simon Hughes giving orange juice to Hunger striker was like giving a sweet to crying child! Pathetic
    Milliband tried with all his Oxford tricks with Rajapakse!
    India is nicely sitting tight with its political ambition!
    Can Tamils revive their voice proving that Tamils are peace loving democratic people or is it too late? Bloody thirsty LTTE destroyed the entire world Tamil integrity killing their own fleeing desperate people. Why are LTTE still carrying terrifying Tiger face on their flags? Is LTTE still bloodthirsty? LTTE has terrorised the world to an extent, no one willing to give a helping hand at this last minute.
    Unfortunately, peace loving Tamil people are also ‘wrongly labelled’ as Terror group along with LTTE. Peace loving Tamils and LTTE are inseparable. Now Tamils are reaping harvest of the violent seeds sown earlier. Not heard in the history of Tamils.
    Vanni peace loving Tamils are going through immense suffering and death. What is the use of liberating North and East of Sri Lanka after killing so many of our kids, kins, and turning the prosperous land in to land mines? Only what is left for the Diaspora Tamils is to pray God sitting on the tiger skin, wrapping the tiger flag around the waist and cyanide capsule around their neck, and watching Deepam TV and Tamilnet propaganda machines!
    Would tigers have a democratic motive for Tamils? In the present bloodthirsty form, shooting their own race of wounded, fleeing, and desperate Tamils, keeping civilians to save their fading tiger skin in pathetic.
    After learning this bitter lesson, sacrificing thousands of lives of innocent Tamils, will there be any sincere move from Diaspora population to shake hands with the Sri Lankan government for a peace formula. There are many good Sinhala people waiting for your friendship. Why hand you Tamil problem to blood thirsty Prabhakaran without political leadership? Then desperately begging on the streets of Europe and Americas for the world governments to intervene. LTTE is not a registered organisation, not a Nation, not even a political party, but a banned Terror group. What chance do Tamils have with these credentials?
    Was it a wrong move unleashing the tigers without political guidence? Where are all the entrusted LTTE Political wing leaders i.e. where are all the fat cats i.e. Pulithevan, P Nadesan, and Pathmanathan? Are they still in the bunkers sipping gin and Tonic and eating mutton rolls with the GPS telephone. Diaspora Tamil people’s entrusted politician betrayed their Eelam and killed their own people. Is this not war crime engaging the poor Tamil people in this war?
    What lessons do you learn from this?
    Please shake hands with Sri Lankan government and form a proper political representation in ONE Voice.
    Do not pay your foreign earned money for Arms and Bombs. Those arms and Bombs will be next seeds you will be sowing for the next harvest of Tamil dead bodies. Please find a political solution shaking hands with Hon. Rajapakse, the eminent leader for ONE nation Lanka be part of the Nation!

  • Paul said:

    It is real Shame on the of India and international community not to say a word about the genocide committed by the Lankan Govt. LTTE may be over but the struggle will always continue until a solution on the Tamil problem is reached.
    May God give peace to all those who have died fighting for the human dignity against the insensitive enemy.