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IC has to check militarization and Sinhalicisation of rehabilitation

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 19 May 2009 09:54 No Comment]

Serious concerns are raised in the Tamil diaspora circles at the IC’s attempts to pour in rehabilitation aid through Colombo’s rehabilitation structure, which is completely militarized and Sinhalicised. This will only serve Colombo’s next agenda of ‘structural genocide’ of Tamils, the diaspora circles said. While rehabilitation is the immediate need, there will be an irredeemable danger if the IC is embarked upon it without recognition of Tamil status in the island and without involving Tamil hands, they said. Ideally, the IC should at least now exercise its authority to completely take over the camps and do the work with the direction and participation of the people for whom they give the aid, they further said.

Further comments from diaspora circles, edited by TamilNet follow:

Doing it through the enemies of the concerned people is not rehabilitation but abetting systematic colonization. This will not serve peace but will make Tamils to look at the IC itself as their enemy. Already the people have bitterness and deep frustration about the way the IC has handled their crisis.

The IC meekly surrendering to Colombo’s sovereignty demands in conducting the war without witnesses has brought in enough misery to Tamils and has seriously eroded the credibility of the IC.

It is now the duty and responsibility of the IC to find out ways and means how to supersede the treacherous lock of Sinhala sovereignty, at least now, in Tamil rehabilitation.

The IC should take note that the entire apex set-up and the officialdom created for rehabilitation by Colombo consist of Sinhala military officials and Sinhala civil servants.

Imperceptibly and sophisticatedly the IC is trying to lure the oppressed and suffering Tamils into its ‘post-conflict’ agenda, to lead back again into the rot of united Sri Lanka. Tamils couldn’t help the feeling that the IC is equally gleeful like Colombo in crushing Tamil nationalism but only hiding it unlike Colombo.

IC should realise that to the Tamil psyche post-conflict is post-Sri Lankan.

Time has gone long back for Eezham Tamils to get satisfied with largesse. Their need is solid solutions from the IC. If Colombo’s oppressive army is removed and freedom is given, they know how to rehabilitate themselves in no time and they have their kith and kin to help them.

The best way of rehabilitation is to completely keep Colombo out, separate the Tamil regions and allow some time for the rehabilitation under international supervision and involvement. Political formulas can be evolved between Tamils and Sinhalese peacefully during this time. But can the IC do this?

The IC has already seen how rehabilitation and development failed in the East under Sri Lankan state structure and a provincial council supposed to have been elected by the people but without their heart in it.

Sections in the IC have realised the problem and they have slowly started talking to diaspora circles. But people have seen enough deceit. They have to be shown with something solid if the IC wants to face them.

The hope of Tamils is that unlike Colombo, which has already enforced the need for another struggle on Tamils by the way it waged the war, the IC would come out with creative designs to end the conflict.

But the IC has to operate boldly, transcending Sri Lankan state and its ethno-centric sovereignty. If the IC continues to abet the Sri Lankan state, its efforts will lay foundations only for another but more disastrous war in the island.

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