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Karunanidhi should bargain exit of habitually biased

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 19 May 2009 07:00 No Comment]

It is a well-known fact that certain elements, belonging to a clan operating from Nehru’s time bringing in disasters to India’s foreign policy, were responsible for the second time in India committing war crimes on Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka. In forming the next government, chief minister Karunanidhi should use all his bargaining power to see that these elements never play a role again in Tamil affairs, said a Tamil journalist in Chennai. This is more important than bargaining ministerial portfolios, considering national interests of India and peace of the Tamil people, he said.
Further comments of the journalist, translated from Tamil, follow:
This bureaucratic clan is traced to the lineage of V.K. Krishna Menon who was brought in by Nehru and was responsible for India’s debacle in the war with China in 1962. However, the clan known for its survivability thrives whenever the Congress is in power and is omnipresent from the High Commissions to the United Nations.
In the IPKF times, this clan, operating from the Indian High Commission in Colombo, played a significant role in misleading Rajiv Gandhi and misdirecting the IPKF, bringing in a rift between India and Eezham Tamils.
At least on two occasions members of this clan were found guilty of corruption in Colombo and were penalised.
Insinuating into the picture through rapport with Sonia Gandhi, the elements of the clan were given with a free hand in an extra parliamentary way to handle Sri Lanka during the last government. The disastrous results are very well known.
The Inner City Press, operating in the UN, has already questioned the role played by another member of this clan at the UN level and his brother a military consultant to Colombo. But the UN Secretary General decided that bias should play a role.
If there is going to be a global and impartial investigation into the war crimes against civilians in the island of Sri Lanka, the role played by some of these elements may have to be investigated. Perhaps, China may able to supply evidence through Xinhua.
At one stage there were also speculations in Chennai that these elements were blackmailing Mr. Karunanidhi.
It is not only Mr. Karunanidhi, but the entire Indian parliament should take care not to repeat mistakes if the need is to see genuine friendship and peace in the south.
A slave cannot help another slave is a lame excuse. On the contrary, only a slave can genuinely help another slave if there is heart.

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