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Obama fails badly: Unarmed, white flagged LTTE massacred by SLA: NowPublic

[MISC, Tuesday, 19 May 2009 20:59 2 Comments]

by Tamiya

obama3 In the one and only speech delivered by the man himself, President Obama requested both sides of the Sri Lankan conflict to corporate; Obama asked the LTTE to lay down arms while requesting the Sri Lankan government a long list of requests including (1) letting media and agencies in and and (2) Not using heavy weapons and banned weapons.

While the Sri Lankan government continues to ignore the call of International Community and Obama, LTTE took the advise of Obama head on, trusting Obama to follow up the consequences of his request.

LTTE announced that they would silence their guns after using guns for 33 years to bring freedom and rights to Tamils in Sri Lanka; LTTE took the major step to comply with Obama’s and the international community’s requests and pleaded with IC to look after Tamils in Sri Lanka on Sunday May 17, 2009. The trust of saving thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka and unarmed LTTE cadets were squarely placed on President Obama.

However, continuing to ignore the calls of Obama and IC, the Sri Lankan Army massacred unarmed and white flagged cadets and political wing leaders of LTTE came out from the "safety zone" on Monday morning, May 18 2009.

It only reminded Tamils of the killings of their political leaders in 1983 in the Weligada government high security prison and 12 Senior LTTE Commanders death under the watch of India after 1987 Indo-Lanka "Peace" accord.

Political observers compared Monday’s massacre with the prison massacre of Tamil liberation fighters in 1983 and events leading to the collective death of 12 senior leaders and cadres of the LTTE in 1987.

Source: tamilnet.com

However, Tamils did not expect that from Obama, where he would request LTTE to lay down arms, however would have no follow up plans to ensure the well being of Tamils or unarmed LTTE political wing leaders/cadets.

War crime in the massacre of LTTE officials
While rejecting Colombo’s claim of the killing of LTTE leader V. Pirapaharan and assuring his safety and well-being, LTTE’s International Relations Head S. Pathmanathan Tuesday accused Colombo of treachery in the killing of the political wing leaders B. Nadesan and S. Puleedevan. Mr. Pathmanathan said it is a crime against humanity that needs to be investigated. Meanwhile, informed sources told TamilNet that what happened in the early hours of Monday was a well-planned massacre of several unarmed civil officers of the LTTE with the aim of annihilating its political structure. At the orders of a ‘top defence figure,’ an international arrangement involving ICRC, European diplomats and a Colombo government diplomat to arrange safe exit to the civil officers was defied, the sources said.

Source: tamilnet.com

The head of LTTE’s international relations Mr. Pathmanathan has released two statements to request to Obama and IC to protect Tamils under the claws of Sinhala state terrorist government of Sri Lanka.

Statement 1:

I wish to inform the Global Tamil community distressed witnessing the final events of the war that our beloved leader Velupillai Pirapaharan is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people.
The President and the Government of Sri Lanka needing to carry on and gloat in the planned Victory Celebrations on Tuesday, had their military establishment deliberately come up with the story detailing the demise of the leader of the LTTE. We categorically reject this and wish to inform the Tamil community to be vigilant and to exercise maximum restraint whilst grieving for the loss of Tamil civilian lives in the barbaric conduct of the final chapters of this battle.
The Tamil freedom struggle is a just cause and will not be quashed by the events of the last 24 hours. Truth and justice will always prevail.

Source: tamilnet.com

Statement 2:

We wish to bring to the notice of the International Community the events of the last 24 hours in the so called safety zone in the war in Sri Lanka.
Subsequent to our announcement that the LTTE had decided to "silence the guns" in view of the unbearable civilian carnage at the hands of the Sri Lankan military and the heavy weaponry donated to it by third parties, we were informed by some member states of the International Community that arrangements had been made with the Sri Lankan military for discussions on an orderly end to the war.
We were instructed to make contact with the 58th Division of the Sri Lankan forces in the war zone, un-armed and carrying white flags. Head of our Political Wing, Mr. B. Nadesan and Mr. Puleedevan then proceeded to do so. They were un-armed and carrying white flags and were called on by the Officers of the 58th Division to come forward for discussions. When they complied they were both shot and killed. We vehemently condemn this action. The International Community needs to take this into account in its deliberations about charges of "Crimes against Humanity" against the members of the Sri Lanka Government and its military establishment. This act is even more unpalatable when one takes into account that the LTTE released as an act of goodwill, seven Sri Lankan Prisoners of War the day before totally unharmed.
We appeal to the International Community to act now to ensure the safety and basic needs of the displaced people who are suffering in the prison camps of the Sri Lankan military. The onus is now on the International Community to see that further war crimes and crimes against humanity are not committed on Tamils by the Sri Lankan state and to force the Sri Lankan state to yield in to the political aspirations of the Tamil people.

Source: tamilnet.com

The only message Tamils in Sri Lanka would like to tell President Obama is "if you are not willing to walk the talk, then don’t deliver the talk".

25,000 seriously wounded Tamils civilians are at the verge of death. Over 100,000 Tamils civilians are under the capture of Sri Lankan Army enduring torture, rape and death in the detention centers. Post-war regions of North and east are filled with crime, kidnapping, arrest, torture, rape and killings of the Sri Lankan Army and pro-government armed group, known as Karuna group.

LTTE put their last faith in Obama to deliver a long-term political solution, the Tamil Eelam to Tamils in Sri Lanka, and has given up their 33 years fight for a homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka losing many Tamils civilians, many LTTE cadets and top leaders in the process of laying down arms.

So far, Obama has failed miserably in his first "problem from hell"; Time will tell how much Obama is different from the main stream false promise politicians. One can only hope that Obama will react fast enough to save the remaining Tamils civilians from torture, rape, starvation, lack of medical care and random killings of the state terrorist Sri Lankan government.

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  • fdimul said:

    Obama has been asked to keep shut by India and he is doing it very well. Obama is afraid of India and hence he is quiet.

    And Obama will be quiet for ever on Srilanka’s genocides and state sponsored terrorism.

    Following his footsteps others too would keep shut.

    The end result of these will be the deaths of some 3,00,000 tamil population in whole of Srilanka with immediate effect and the remaining will be tortured and killed. Thus there will remain no tamilians in the land of Srilanka.

    This sure will take place right under the crocodile tears and protests all over the world.

  • Wimal perera said:

    This is the way terrorist to be dealt.How many people were killed by killer LTTE gangs.Sri Lanka showed a good example to the world how the terrorist to be dealt.This killer gang massacared innocent civilans and monks in Sri Lanka,killings at Aranthalawa, Anuradhapura, Colombo are examples.Can’t IC remeber how many tamil people this killer gang killed, Amirthaligam,Uma Maheswaran, N. Thiruchelvam.

    Our president Mr. Rajapakse is the gratest of all to deal this killer gang and wiped them out the world.IC should learn from him how to deal terrorist.