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Prabhakaran alive and well: Tamil Tigers

[AFP, Tuesday, 19 May 2009 07:05 13 Comments]

Prabakaranv.img_assist_custom Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers denied that their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had been killed by the military, insisting that the rebel chief was alive and well.

"Our beloved leader is alive and safe. He will continue to lead the quest for dignity and freedom for the Tamil people," the Tigers’ chief of international relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, said in a statement carried on the pro-rebel Tamilnet website.

The Sri Lankan military said Monday that Prabhakaran had been shot dead with two of his top commanders as they attempted to flee advancing troops in an ambulance.

But Pathmanathan said the government had fabricated news of his death in order "to gloat" following its final military victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

"We categorically reject this," he said, without making any claim to Prabhakaran’s current whereabouts.

"The Tamil freedom struggle is a just cause and will not be quashed by the events of the last 24 hours. Truth and justice will always prevail," he said.

Pathmanathan went on to accuse the Sri Lankan government and military of "crimes against humanity," saying senior LTTE leaders had been shot dead after being invited to negotiate their surrender.

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  • kanishka said:

    prabakaran was hiding behind the children & women to save his life.But SLA managed to kill him without killing his human shiled.Goto this and see the video & enjoy it.When those killed Terrorists like pulitheven were killing other politician in SL including Own tamil politicians .So what did you say to that?Is it not a war crime?.
    What SLA have done is they have killed set of ruthless terroris leaders using there legitimate right to protect its civilians from ruthless terrorists.


  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    Wishful thinking must end at some point of time.SriLankan Tamils must realise that many of their current problems including the refusal by India to intervene and IC not coming to the rescue of Tamils is due to the blood thirstiness of LTTE,headed by Prabhakaran,who indulged in fratricide as well.
    Time to wake up from dreams and face reality.
    Do not be misguided by TN politicians who just cash in on your suffering.
    Unitedly mobilise International Opinion and force SiLankan Govt. to grant equal Rights and Devolution of power

  • lion said:

    fuck offffffffffff……….k.p ur piribhaharan ded………..
    no more eelam……………

  • fdimul said:

    Prabhakaran can never die so easily at the hands of the enemy. He has still lots to do. Tamil Eelam will be got… how?

    China will try to establish its supremacy over the north Srilanka with its naval base there. Then there will be tension and due to circumstances beyond their control they will be a war with India by China. During this time Sinhalese will support China against India and India will seek the help of tamilians for support. U.S.A and U.K. will enter the war later and then Srilanka military which was hitherto supporting China will be defeated at the hands of the trio India, U.K and U.S.A. China would send more forces to Srilanka and the war will continue, at this time Srilankan Tamils will get help from U.S.A and U.K and their demand for a separate Tamil Eelam will take birth. A new land will get created and China will be thrown out from their base in Northern Srilanka.

  • Anusha said:

    You stupid singalese, don’t you have a brain to think right???…It took you 2 bloody day to fabricate those of your fancy pictures of the "so-called body" of our leader – dream on poo sucking dogs! Go and lick your bloody president’s back side, soon to be late-president!

    Your skills in computer graphics are so poor – it’s appaling!

    Just go and celebrate in your corners cause soon you wont have any corners to hide ! Just remember this date in history: 6th August 1945…

  • ramesh said:

    Nobody can come near our leader…let alone trying to kill him.
    As far as SL government can go, they can speculate that he is not alive.

    Shame on Sri Lankan government troops for killing our political leaders.

    We will come back again…..we will achieve our goal…the ultimate Tamil eelam.

  • Anusha said:

    Long life to our leader ! May God bless you and all the fighters!

    Dream on you dog SL "so called" president! Your life is our hands now, it is a matter of time…just wait!

    We will come back in force – every single singhalese will cry blood!

    You wait and see what the next generation is capable of!

  • Aruna Sundaralingem said:

    Lets face it!! He did not do what was suppose to do! He killed so many innocent people and there for s a terrorist. He is dead & LTTE is wiped out. Mahinda Rajapaksha is a determined leader, i dont think LTTE will ever come back.

  • francis said:

    hey guys whyn dont you chq http://www.armylanka for his dead body. just now PIC are availabel.

  • Buddika said:

    You Tamil expatriates, For God’s sake stop inculcating hate at least now. Innocent Tamil Sinhala, Muslim and all people in SL suffered from this useless war for long time. Although you all shouted for innocent Tamil civilians in last days, what have you done for them. Even now they are look after by sinhaleese. Face the Truth. Praba is dead.

  • Uditha said:

    Innocent tamil people are the one needs to show their happiness over the dead of Prabakaran. LTTE kept the civilians as hostage and killed them when they were trying to escape. LTTE brain washed the innocent childern also. World will see what is the reality now. Go to Hell Prabakaran..!!!!

  • kana said:

    When mahinda ,gothabaya,basil,fonseka,douglas will executed

  • voiceofreason said:

    I think one must admit that there have been casualties on both sides. It is unquestionable that when British colonists left and handed power to the Sinhalese kingdom that this kingdom abused the Tamil kingdom and there were such racist policies such as race proportional university entrance.

    Upon ignoring the Tamil’s cries for no racism and for their own dignity, the GOSL started killing innocent people who had been crying for help. Then only did armed groups stand up against the government. The rest was action and reaction from both sides. But the GOSL has a special responsibilty as a government to treat all people fairly and equally and its recent attacks in Sri Lanka up North have seen thousands of civilians decimated in the conflict. The Tigers are not powerful as an outright absolute force as their numbers are hardly 20,000 people. They function as a guerilla force and thus it is not reasonable to suggest they can or have committed large scale atrocities such as what the GOSL is and has done before. Furthermore, the media ban that exists prevents any proper media coverage especially when it comes to any info that is even slightly anti GOSL.

    I think these are some things that need to be considered and then it is also clear that the Tamils do have some problems that need addressing by the GOSL and intervention by the wider international community.