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Sri Lanka destroys evidence, prevents ICRC, UN access – Prof. Boyle

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 20 May 2009 07:33 One Comment]

FrancisBoyle01 Noting that the slow genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka accelerated to more than 10,000 in the last few months, far exceeding the horrors of Srebrenica, Professor Boyle in conversation with Los Angeles KPFK radio host, Michael Slate, Tuesday, accused Sri Lanka Government of bulldozing and destroying evidence of massacres in the Safety Zone while preventing access to the Red Cross and UN agencies. Boyle added that the United States Government with spy satellites would be knowing exactly what Sri Lanka’s actions are in the Safe Zone, and stand implicated along with UK, France, and India in allowing the genocide to happen.

KPFK discussion with Prof. Boyle (start @4:00)

"Today ICRC still does not have access when the area should be flooded with food and medicine to urgently attend to the 300,000 Internally Displaced Tamils held in Sri Lanka Army (SLA) supervised camps," Boyle said, adding, survivors from the Safety Zone, from starvation, resembled escapees from Nazi death camps.

The situation was similar to what happened in Gaza, Boyle said, but in Gaza people had access to food via under ground tunnels, whereas the Tamils holed up in the Safety Zone were completely cutoff from the outside and were entirely dependent on food transported by the ICRC ships.

Tracing the history of the conflict, Boyle and Slate agreed that Sri Lanka was an apartheid state from the very beginning of independence, and pointed to the violent elements of the Buddhist clergy, and the India’s dravidian-oriented racism as elements that exacerbated the deterioration of the conflict towards genocide.

Peace processes failed, Boyle argued, because Sri Lankan Governments, instead engaging in good faith negotiation, "wanted control, domination, and elimination of the Tamil population."

"We may be at the beginning of a humanitarian catastrophe for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka which would fit the ultimate objective of the Government motivated by chauvinist, violent racism," Boyle said, adding "my experience in working in genocidal situations says once the government and the people are possessed of this genocidal mentality it’s very difficult to stop."

Slate added, "Tamil people are a severely oppressed nation. Anyone of conscience must stand up and support their resistance."

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  • fdimul said:

    Rightly said, the only way to avoid further genocides will be to send a U.N. force and rehabilitate Srilanka’s Tamil population in their original land and divide the North and Eastern part of Srilanka so that Tamilians live separately with their own established government.

    Unless India, China and Pakistan are not threatened to keep off from Srilanka’s internal affairs nothing could fructify.

    Indian congress government is the deadliest enemy of Tamil population, and they once again will wag their tail more forcefully because of their recent victory in elections. China follows India in helping the genocide and Pakistan follows China.

    Huge amounts in the name of Aids is being given by India to Srilanka so that Sinhalese could be accomodated in North and Eastern Srilanka which is the land of tamilians.

    It is time now that European countries threaten India first and then the other two to keep off from poking their nose in Srilanka’s internal affairs.

    Urgently people need food, medicines and shelter with clean water, these are to be arranged immediately to save the people there. Any delay will culminate in more deaths.

    Force, force and force is what the International communities should use now. Only with force Srilanka can be brought down to its knees. Srilanka is waging its tail because it is having the support of India. So force on India is necessary. Send military force immediately to Srilanka.

    Prosecute all the four countries for their war crimes on Srilankan Tamils. Prosecuting the four should start immediately without any respite.