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Sanction Rs 10 k cr for Lankan Tamil rehabilitation: Jaya tells govt- The Economic Times

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In the first communication after the Lok Sabha polls defeat, AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalithaa said India should not shy away from its responsibility to rehabilitate the Tamil community.

She urged the government to sanction Rs 10,000 crore for rehabilitating Sri Lankan Tamils — the AIADMK, in its election manifesto for the 15th LS elections, had promised that if voted to power, it would prevail upon the Indian government To sanction the said amount for rahabilitation activities.

Making her first political statement after her party’s loss in the May-13 elections, the former TN chief minister said now that the war in the island nation is over, the Sri Lankan government must open up the war zones to the International Red Cross and other global relief agencies.

"Though the AIADMK is not part of the power equation at the Centre… I call upon the government of India to immediately set in motion the process for the massive re-building and rehabilitation efforts in Sri Lanka."

Taking a dig at TN CM M Karunanidhi, Ms Jayalalithaa said the DMK supremo must "look beyond the ministerial and financial ambitions of his miscellaneous family members and raise his voice in Delhi for the Tamil people."

"The UN and various human rights agencies should be allowed free access to assess the ground situation first-hand," she said in a press statement on Thursday. She also asked that the international media be allowed to independently visit the war-ravaged areas rather than be taken to military-sponsored, embedded excursions.

Without naming the slain LTTE Prabakharan anywhere in her press statement, Ms Jayalalithaa said "the unrest in Sri Lanka was triggered off only because the Tamils of the island were relegated, post-independence, to the status of secondary citizens in their own homeland. The decimation of the LTTE or the killing of its leaders will not wipe away the injustice meted out to this large community that has as much roots in Sri Lanka as the Sinhala majority."

Exhorting Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa to realise "this basic truth," she said all genuine grievances of the oppressed Tamil community should be addressed forthwith. "It should come out with the necessary constitutional changes that will ensure equal rights to all citizens of Sri Lanka.

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  • fdimul said:

    Everything has been rightly said by Jayalalitha.

    She could have added about the demand for Tamil Eelam and to prosecute Rajapaksha Government for their war crimes.