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Colombo international airport continues to be security fortress

[Hindu, Sunday, 24 May 2009 10:43 No Comment]

Curtains on the 30-year-old civil war may have come down with the end of the LTTE, but the Bandaranaike International Airport here continues to be a virtual fortress with gun-totting security personnel manning the complex round-the-clock not wanting to take any chances.

The only international airport in Sri Lanka, located on the outskirts of Colombo, was targeted by LTTE twice.

"The situation is 90 per cent safe. But we don’t want to take chances," said an army commando at the airport.

The security at the international airport was tightened after two light-weight LTTE aircraft struck the Sri Lankan military base inside the airport in March 2007.

In February this year, anti-aircraft guns shot down a LTTE plane near an air force base in Katunayake, close to the international airport.

Vehicles coming inside the airport complex continue to be checked minutely with security officials insisting on identity cards on suspicion.

The drill of focused checking, which was introduced to dodge any LTTE suicide bombers from sneaking in, continues unhampered.

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