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Arjun and his Bollywood plans

[IndiaGlitz, Tuesday, 26 May 2009 16:33 No Comment]

image Action King Arjun is finally set for a Bollywood debut. Arjun, who has been talking about moving to Hindi films for quite sometime, is finally making the move. An actor who earned a niche for himself as one of the most agile actors when it comes to action, Arjun is popular not just in his home state of Karnataka, but in Tamil and Telugu as well. He has working with the biggest of directors here, including Shankar.

In his Hindi debut, it is learnt that Arjun will play the roles of a hero, director and a producer. Arjun, who has been qualified to work as a director, says he would like to explore his creative opportunities in that arena as well. And given that he will be a fresher to Bollywood, without the trappings of stardom, Arjun says he wants to do experimental characters.

Arjun’s Bollywood debut should have happened last year, when Bharathiraja aimed at making his Bommalaatam a Hindi film.

Circumstances later forced it to be a Tamil film.

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