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Asin with Japanese actor

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image For the past 10 days there was no news of Asin and we just got a call.

From being linked to Salman Khan romantically, she is now gallivanting with a Japanese actor. She is acting with Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, in multi-lingual film ’19 Steps’ directed by Bharat Bala.  Asin could not find a costume she liked in whole of Mumbai, so the director sent her by flight to Chennai.

Asin asked for a second ticket. One thought immediately that it would be for her father, but she was accompanied by her Japanese co-star! They stayed in the same hotel, completed their shopping and returned to Mumbai. Instead of attracting unnecessary attention, she kept her trip a secret from Kodambakkam.

She has done another thing secretively. She has bought an expensive house in Mumbai’s posh locality Green Acres and has moved in.


For the house warming function, she invited only her close pals from the Mumbai film industry.

Dailynews – Asin with Japanese actor

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