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Lakshmi Rai’s Swiss experience

[Behind Woods, Tuesday, 9 June 2009 16:42 No Comment]

image Naan Avanillai, the remake of yesteryear film of the same name was a great hit. Encouraged by its success, producer Nemichand Jhabak is on a mission to make its sequel retaining hero Jeevan and director Selva. This film will have Jeevan surrounded by five heroines – Lakshmi Rai, Sneha, Sangeetha, Hema Malini and Rachna. Among them Lakshmi Rai plays a cameo and recently sequences involving her and Jeevan was shot extensively in the Swiss mountains.

There was a severe snow storm during the shoot and Lakshmi found it extremely cold and wore layers of plastics around her to keep herself warm.

During one such shot, she fell into a deep snow pit and was engulfed by snow. Luckily for her, the crew members saw this and immediately rushed to her rescue. She lost consciousness and was taken to a nearby hospital for first aid.

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