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Vijay’s readies name for his party

[cinesouth, Tuesday, 9 June 2009 16:41 No Comment]

image Just like the count down to a rocket launch, Ilaya Dalapathy is calculating his move in announcing his party name.

It is about 10 years since Vijay has found a place among the public as a mass hero. Even as he was wondering how to use this good fortune, his father prompted him towards politics. Working towards this goal slowly, a few months back Vijay launched his fan club flag.

This was then an indication of what was to follow. On coming 22nd is Vijay’s birthday and it’s said he’s planning his party launch. He has invited his fan club executives to his kalyana mandapam for discussions.

“Yesterday’s supporter is today’s leader. Today’s supporter is tomorrow’s leader. You all should conduct yourselves such that rasikas will have a good opinion of me. If you do that, I will definitely do what is good for you, is what Vijay said to his supporters / rasikas.

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