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Raavana shooting disrupted

[IndiaGlitz, Wednesday, 10 June 2009 18:18 No Comment]

image Maniratnam’s songs from Ooty might be romanticized, but shooting in the hill station has been nothing short of grueling for the director and his crew.

Shooting for the film resumed after a brief halt owing ot the director’s ill health. And for the crew of his current film, Raavana, that has been camping in Ooty for sometime now, more hurdles were in the waiting. Yesterday, officials from the District Transport Department made a surprise visit and checked the caravans being used by the film’s lead pair, Ash and Vikram. Noting that the owners of the caravans did not have proper documents, they confiscated the caravan. Despite Ooty’s enticing climate, the lead pair is said to have stacked up all paraphernalia to keep them chill during shoot in the caravan. Not having their comfort caravans had costed them dearly, as they were forced to move to a hotel many miles away, even if it was only to answer nature’s call. This had forced Maniratnam to stop shooting for the film midway yesterday. It is also being said that the director, who is still recouperating, has decided to not have outdoor shoots for sometime.

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