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Canada rebukes Sri Lanka over turn-aways – UPI.com

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The Canadian government has voiced diplomatic displeasure with Sri Lanka’s "absurd" decision to turn away two members of Parliament, officials said.

In two incidents, the Sri Lankan government first denied Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai, who was scheduled to visit refugee camps, a visa Monday. No reason was given, Obhrai said.

Wednesday, Liberal MP Bob Rae arrived in Colombo, but was denied entry although he had a visa. He was told he was considered by the military to be a "national security threat" as a supporter of the rebel Tamil Tigers, Sun Media reported.

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Emma Welford said the Conservative government initiated diplomatic protests.

"It is absurd to suggest that Rae represents a threat to Sri Lankan national security, or is a supporter of the (Tamil Tigers)," she said. "We have registered to the Sri Lankan government our dismay and displeasure concerning this unacceptable treatment of a Canadian parliamentarian."

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