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Sheela thinks she’s competition for Nayantara

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image If an elephant lies down, the crow that sits on a buffalo thinks he is the tallest creature. Similar is Sheela’s attitude.

After acting as Surya’s sister in ‘Nanda,’ Sheela got promoted to heroine status. Her film ‘Seena Dhaana’ with Prasanna and a film with Arun Vijay flopped, so she was cast aside by Kollywood as an unlucky actress.

She then went to Tollywood and ‘Parugu’ proved lucky for her, so she stayed back in Andhra Pradesh. She is now to star in a film with NTR Jr in a dual role and directed by V V Vinayak. The 2 heroines are Sheela and Nayantara.

It may be Nayantara’s bad time or Sheela’s good time, but these 2 girls of different images have been brought together by fate. Sheela is using this for publicity. “Nayantara and I are both doing competitive acting. We have equally important characters to play. I am trying to act better than Nayantara,” says Sheela.

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