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Prabhakaran waited for Indian poll results

[TOI, Sunday, 14 June 2009 06:25 2 Comments]

Velupillai Prabhakaran was waiting for the results of Indian elections to plan his next strategy in the 30-year-old civil war in Sri Lanka and was apparently hoping that either the NDA or the Third Front would come to power in New Delhi, but the army there had different plans.

It has now emerged that the 54-year-old slain guerrilla leader was waiting till May 16, the day results of Lok Sabha elections were known, to decide on his and the outfit’s future, but it was too late as the Sri Lankan Army had by then cut off all the escape routes.

"Till May 16, he (Prabhakaran) was hoping that someone will interfere and stop the army from entering the final ‘No Fire Zone’ where he was held up," Sri Lankan Army sources said.

On May 16th afternoon, LTTE announced that it would allow all civilians trapped in the area held by them to leave to safety, apparently after knowing that the Congress, which it believed was hostile to him and the outfit, was set to return to power.

Sources in the Tamil polity in Sri Lanka said the LTTE was hoping that there would be a popular upsurge for it in Tamil Nadu, where the general elections were fought on the Eelam plank, and that the Third Front or the NDA could come to power.

"This (election results) might have upset Prabhakaran and other leaders of the outfit, but they did not have time to think or plan anything. They were boxed by the Army by that time," the Tamil sources said.

The LTTE chief would have thought that the Third Front and the NDA would not be so hostile as the Congress was, they said, adding that once the people started leaving the war zone, Sri Lankan Army swiftly rescued the civilians and took them to safe zones.

AIADMK’s Jayalalithaa, who was part of the Third Front, expressed support to the Sri Lankan Tamils cause and had even promised to send Indian Army to carve out Tamil Eelam from Sri Lanka if a government of her choice came to power in New Delhi.

On May 16 afternoon, LTTE’s International Relations head Selvarasa Pathmanathan issued a statement in which the outfit virtually accepted defeat and asked the "global community to save the people of Wanni."

They said Prabhakaran did not expect that the Sri Lankan forces would encircle him and his aides "so soon".

The army also got a tip off from LTTE Sea Tigers chief Soosai’s wife, who was taken into custody while trying to flee the island, that Prabhakaran and the top brass were still inside the war zone.

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  • pjohn said:

    I am not sure how we should value this leader.

    Here is the man whom we all trusted as a great leader, in his final days waited for a country which we we all know cannot be trusted, to save his life and his vision.

    No wnder we are in the mess hole now!.

  • fdimul said:

    In the same token even Srilanka thought that congress could be defeated and some third front will rule the country and they fast-tracked their approach 0f attacking.

    So, everything was over before elections and not after elections. And Prabhakaran has escaped from war zone some one month back or it could have been as said in tamilwin site that some 1000′s of tiger made a continued assault on the frontline soldiers making inroads into their army. During this period Prabhakaran and their top leaders escaped through some fast travelling boats.