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Vikram’s song is a super hit

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image If some sing, we want to ask them to stop. But hear Vikram sing and it sounds tops!

For all these years, few were aware that apart from other talents, Vikram could also sing. About 10 years back, he has sung with actress Meena in an album. Even after he became a top hero after ‘Sethu,’ he did not flaunt his singing talents to anyone.

During ‘Kanthaswamy’ shooting, director Susi Ganesan heard Vikram humming and decided that Vikram should sing his songs in the film. The bashful actor declined. But music composer Devi Sriprasad took Vikram next day to the recording studios and made him sing.

In the 75 year history of cinema, Vikram has the distinction of being the hero who sings for himself after 50 years. It is 20 years since the audio release but already a lakh of CDs have been sold and the songs are super hits.

Does that mean Vikram will continue to sing his own songs in his forthcoming films too?

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