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A big change in Perarasu

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image It’s said only change does not change. Perarasu is well versed with the names of all Tamilnadu cities and towns and it comes as a surprise that his next film will not have a title of one of the Tamilnadu cities.

Perarasu has been waiting to direct Vijay in his 50th film. For this reason, he has even delayed Bharath’s film. After all this wait, Perarasu is a disappointed man as he’s not the director of Vijay’s 50th film.

He was on the lookout for a financier for Bharath’s ‘Tiruttani’ and when that also did not click, he decided to shelve the film. In the meantime, Bharath got the action actor image through ‘Pazhani’ and he urged its producer Shakti Chidambaram to produce the Perarasu film.

Accordingly the film to be directed by Perarasu starring Bharath will be produced by Shakti Chidambaram.

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