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Pakistan Army Chief hosts dinner to share jubilation

[DailyNews.lk, Wednesday, 17 June 2009 19:57 No Comment]

Chief of Army Staff in Pakistan General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and his wife hosted a dinner to share the jubilation with Sri Lankan friends on their historic victory against LTTE at the Army House, the official residence of the Commander in Islamabad.

Pakistan’s Sri Lanka High Commissioner Air Chief Marshall Jayalath Weerakkody and his wife were the chief guests.

General Kayani said he, the government, the armed forces of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan were glad to be able to share the jubilation of Sri Lanka to crush terrorism in the island nation.

He said Sri Lanka had been Pakistan’s very close friend for the last so many years and Pakistan was particularly proud about Sri Lanka’s victory over terrorism. While conveying his good wishes to Sri Lanka’s armed forces General Kayani said he is confident the strong cooperation existing at present could be even made stronger in the future.

High Commissioner Weerakkody said Sri Lanka and Pakistan political and defence wise enjoy the best of mutual relations. Even back in 1996, when Sri Lanka faced tremendous difficulties militarily in quelling the strong militaristic terrorism, aimed both at the armed forces and police as well as unarmed civilians Pakistan helped the island nation without imposing any conditions. The credit, said Weerakkody, should go to the government, the armed forces and the people of Pakistan. He said, the help rendered was more precious as it was rendered in the midst of some international opposition. He said, he was confident the military relationship would improve in the future.

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