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Michael is no more, his magic will live on!

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image And with this day the world of Pop music is freezed with an abrupt halt… A spell has come over, wrapping the music lovers in a shallow doom. The shock is so unexpected, so unreal that there are mixed reactions from everywhere.

An event that has left millions of music lovers across the world devastated, Michael Jackson met with an untimely death due to a massive cardiac arrest at his Holmby Residence, LA, where he was found unconscious. The legend, who was 50 years old, was taken to hospital where he was declared brought dead.

The music legend, believed by many to be the most important strand of our cultural DNA, was slated for 50 comeback concerts next month, which he said would be his final series of concerts. His death has come as shocking news to music fans across the world.

Music composer AR Rahman, who had worked with Michael Jackson for an album “Ekam Satyam”, is already in Los Angeles. Said to be inspired by Michael Jackson in his early years, Rahman and MJ later did a concert in 2001, called the Michael Jackson and Friends Concert in Munich.

Prabhu Deva, hailed by many as India’s answer to the pop star, was also one of MJ’s diehard fans, who had the opportunity of meeting the legend.

Despite being an immensely popular pop star, largely hailed as the King of Pop, MJ’s life was struck with strife in his recent years, following allegations of child abuse. He may have been acquitted of all charges, but the accusations stuck, and the man who triggered the wildest musical passions over an entire generation, was soon found wanting of patronage. His promised 50 concerts, which were all immediately sold out, later proved that the Mike magic hadn’t weaned after all.

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