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R.I.P MJ – Michael Jackson dies at 50 – We love you!

[IndiaGlitz, Friday, 26 June 2009 17:45 2 Comments]

 Police seeking Michael Jackson's doctor

IndiaGlitz – Michael Jackson dies at 50 – Tamil Movie News

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  • SHANICE said:

    god bless you i kw u’ve been through alot and you still came out and made it to the top no1 can ever get to where you have got to. you was and still are no:1 in ever 1 heart and not 1 person can come close

  • Michael’s fan said:

    You are a legend – and legends never die!

    You are a heroe – and heroes are sown, never die!

    You are a music genius – you are everlasting MJ !

    RIP MJ – We salute you!