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Actors mourn Michael Jackson’s death

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image Many Tamil film actors have expressed their distress at the passing away of Michael Jackson.

Prabhu Deva: I’m a die hard fan of Michael Jackson. Even before coming to films, I would watch his dance moves keenly. Each movement of his would make us dance. Only some have that gift andnumber one in that was Michael Jackson.

Lawrence : Michael Jackson is another name for dance. For many dancers like me, he was the guru. When I was young, I used to watch his videos and imitate his dance. Before him or after him, there can be no dancer like Michael Jackson. I will convey my respects to him by performing a number in his style in one of my films.

Dhanush: I have followed Michael Jackson in my dance movements. Just like Bruce Lee is the hero and cult figure for many, it is Michael Jackson for dance. In ‘Padikkadhavan’ I tried to dance like Jackson . But I got nowhere near it. The same applies to many others too.

Simbu: I have been his ardent fan since I was a kid. I have been watching his memories on TV whenever I am free.

Vikram: More than an actor, I’m Michael Jackson’s fan. From a young age, I’ve tried to dance like him. The influence of his music and dance movements is still seen in Tamil and Hindi films. He will continue to inspire future generations.

In their condolence message, Sarath Kumar and Radha Ravi, President and General Secretary of the Actors Association, said that many actors shot to fame in Tamil cinema by dancing like Michael Jackson. “The art field has lost a great personality with the demise of Michael Jackson.

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