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Sri Lanka for tough measures against child pornography

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Sri Lankan government has ordered tough measures to curb child pornography after it noticed that many websites containing obscene material are easily accessible in the country.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the Inspector general of Police to take tangible and tough measures to curb child pornography in Sri Lanka, an official statement said.

This includes an action against capturing and posting on the internet the photographs and video clips of unsuspecting persons, especially minors and women.

"The President issued this directive after it was brought to his notice that there were many websites containing such material, much of it obtained in clear violation of the law and moreover antithetical to accepted norms in Sri Lankan society," the statement said.

"The Sri Lankan government is strongly and unconditionally committed to creating an environment where children can grow up without their dignity being violated in any manner," it said.

The government has identified numerous websites that are been uploaded with obscene video clips and images featuring underage local children.

Child pornography being readily available in the international market indicates that a significant number of children are being sexually exploited through this medium, the statement said.

According to the survey the availability, accessibility and the volume of child pornography are of disturbing magnitude, the statement said.

The producers of child pornography try to avoid prosecution by distributing their material across national borders, it was found.

"The material on these websites indicate that the basic tenets of decency and privacy are being violated by individuals and organisations using camera phones and other such devices on the unsuspecting," it said.

It said that the earlier instructions issued by the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to internet service providers have not been effectively enforced as the number of accessible porn sites have considerably increased in the recent past.

Computer aided pornographic material is prohibited in Sri Lanka as per the Computer Crimes Act which is already in place.

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