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“ICRC needs to continue” UK

[BBC, Sunday, 12 July 2009 06:40 No Comment]

British Government has urged the Sri Lanka to continue its dialogue with the International Committee of the Red Cross in relation to the civilians in camps.

Minister for Africa, Asia and the UN Lord Malloch-Brown said “although the conventional conflict in Sri Lanka has now ended, this does not mean that the presence of the ICRC ceases to be necessary as significant challenges still remain, particularly in relation to the civilians in camps for the Internally Displaced Persons."

The Minister pointed out that the importance of the ICRC’s work in conflict and post-conflict situations is recognised throughout the world.

Last week, the government of Sri Lanka has asked the ICRC to scale down its operations in the country.

As a response the ICRC closed two of its offices and withdrew the expatriate staff in eastern Sri Lanka.

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