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The Time of Judgement has arrived to the Land of Terror

[Telegraph, Tuesday, 14 July 2009 07:09 One Comment]

International legal systems have so far failed to bring the Sri Lankan War Criminals to justice. It is time for the average Joe, an ethical shopper to say No to “Holiday Packages to Sri Lanka”, No to “Sri Lankan Airlines”, No to “Sri Lankan Cricket”, No to “Ceylon Tea”, No to “Garments or any other products made in Sri Lanka” and No to any “Organisations having commercial interests in Sri Lanka” until Sri Lanka stop the killings of the innocents with it’s death squads, until the last person is set free from the death camps of Sri Lanka, until the people of Sri Lanka start to live without the fear of abductions, torture, rape and murder by the Sri Lankan State and its armed forces, Until Sri Lanka starts to treat all its citizens equally with dignity and give them the rights they deserve”

Money goes into the hands of Sri Lanka are now used to destroy individuals, families and communities therefore, it is rational, ethical, sensible and right to stop supporting a country that is determined continue with its genocide agenda, despite calls from the international community”

Death and destruction in a Terror Island

Fifty thousand innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered on the sandy beaches and in the jungles of Sri Lanka, by the Sri Lankan Military while the whole world stood back and watched.

Three hundred thousands are now locked up in the death camps of Sri Lanka. Men are tortured, Women are abused and raped, Children are psychologically tormented, foreign media is banned, aid workers are blocked and the Tamils are now let to die like flies without proper food, medicine and water. Dead bodies are thrown outside the tents and let to rot while the young and old stand in the hot sun for hours to beg for food.


They are let to languish behind barbed wires

Times UK has recently reported that fourteen hundreds are dying every week in the horror camps manly due to water Bourne diseases and many preventable illnesses. The rate at which people are dying now, the whole camp will be empty just in three years time. Many who are prisoned in these camps have relatives and friends living in other parts of the country and overseas, who are willing to help.

Sri Lankan government is so adamant that it is not helping the dying Tamils and also not letting others to help.

Purpose of these Nazi style camps is to cause death and maximum destruction to an oppressed and vulnerable Tamil community that is now pleading to the Nations for help. Few camps are purposefully built for propaganda purposes in order to deceive the international community.

Horrors in Sri Lanka are sending shock waves across the World

Torture, murder, rape, forced starvation, and all kind of human rights violations in the concentration camps of Sri Lanka, are now sending shock waves across the world.

Deportations of Western reporters, Journalists and Politicians from the Sri Lankan Airport and denial of access to the death camps of Sri Lanka for aid workers are showing the face of rebellious country that is willing go to any extent to defy international humanitarian laws.

Western countries have recently been pressurising Sri Lanka to stop the abuses and State sponsored killings. US, Britain and France including many other European countries are taking all the necessary measures to send strong messages to Sri Lanka.

US $1.9 Billion IMF loan to this country is now delayed. Sri Lanka had been denied a seat on UN Human Rights Council. US are delaying aid to the displaced people till the Sri Lankan government give free access to the camps.

There are also talks about suspending Sri Lanka from the commonwealth

Can an average Joe make a difference?

I have written few articles on the subject of Sri Lankan civil war. One of the popular questions, I received from the readers was “What can the average Joe do other than writing a letter to the local MP?”

While our international legal systems are still failing to bring the culprits to justice, Average Joe might probably be in a better position to send a powerful message to countries like Sri Lanka. Joe should see and understand the bigger picture of what is happening in Sri Lanka before start doing anything about the injustice done against the innocents.

Joe living in the West is a consumer just like many other millions around the world. Any marketing professional would know about the Power of a Consumer. Joe is an ethical shopper, who has the freedom to choose where to go on a holiday, which airline to fly with, where to buy his cloths and who to bank with. Joe can meet up with many like minded people and persuade his government to stop playing sports with countries that are persecuting its people. Joe is now on the net. He has access to email, facebook, twitter and many other social networking sites. He can share his views with millions around the world.

Even a great nation like China needs to sell its products in the world market in order to feed its people. Sri Lanka that is acting arrogantly with many countries should know, that it can’t keep on killing the innocents and expect the people to buy their products and services that are covered in blood.

Joe along with millions around the world should be able to convince the People of Sri Lanka that they are not safe in the hands of corrupt regimes that are even prepared to sell the soul of a nation to satisfy the cravings of the Sinhala Buddhist extremists whose only goal is to wipe out Tamils.

Sri Lanka for Dummies” is a simple Introduction to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan war for the average Joe to get an understanding of the man made humanitarian crisis in this little island.

Sri Lanka for Dummies

1) Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

2) Tamil Rebellion against State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

3) War in the Vanni land that had revealed the face of the devil

Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

Sri Lanka is a tiny tropical island that was known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and paradise on earth. This country was once very popular among the tourists but not any more.

Rulers of this country have made this place as one of the most dangerous places to visit and live on the planet. The US has recently given serious warnings to its citizens about the dangers of travelling to Sri Lanka. Westerners are no longer welcome there. Journalists and high profile diplomats are regularly deported back from the Colombo international Airport. The recent victims were Channel 4 TV journalists and Bob Rae who was once the Premier of Ontario Canada. Western embassies are frequently attacked by angry local mobs. British and Canadian High commissions became the latest targets.

Sri Lanka is a graveyard for the journalists. Sri Lankan Government is using underground Mafia and death squads to abduct, torture and kill journalists, aid workers and any individuals who are critical of the government. Doctors and journalists are locked up in prisons but the evil ones are rewarded and let to roam around the streets with knives and guns.


Journalist Tissainayagam in chains. Telling the truth is a crime in Sri Lanka

Tamils are the prime targets but even foreigners, Sinhalese and Muslims are not the exceptions. This country is now at the bottom of the list in terms of human rights.

Sri Lanka has murdered fourteen journalists in the last few years. More than twenty journalists have been forced out of the country. Many are locked up in jails. Newspapers are burned, TV stations are attacked, and News web sites are blocked. Even BBC and CNN had received warnings in the past from the controversial defence secretary of the country. Sri Lanka only allows reporters who write well about the government.


Senior editor and Journalist Lasantha Wickramatunga was brutally murdered by the government backed mafia

Five medical doctors, who are praised as real heroes by the international community for their tireless work during the Sri Lankan war, are now locked up in Sri Lankan jails for speaking the truth from the war zone. Sri Lankan rulers have recently paraded these doctors in front of television cameras and forced them make false statements to support the government. This is another foolish attempt by a murderous regime to hide the war crimes it had committed .We all know how Al Qaeda had paraded western hostages on TV in the past and forced them to say things that were not true.

In Sri Lanka, People disappear from their homes, schools, work places and hospitals like flies. It is not the fulfilment of rapture that is taking place according to the book of Revelation in the Bible. But the Sri Lankan regime has mastered the art of using white vans to abduct and kill anyone who is dare to question the conducts of the government.

Half burned dead bodies with hands tied at the back is a typical scene, one would be able to see quite often in Sri Lanka. Killer demons regularly come on mysterious white vans without number plates on them.

A typical Sri Lankan leader would talk like he has the whole world under his feet and he doesn’t care about outside opinions. Many of us remember the controversial Sri Lankan defence secretary of Sri Lanka who appeared on many TV channels across the globe and thundered that he had the right to bomb hospitals and schools. He had indeed ordered to bomb several hospitals in the recent war in Sri Lanka. This short tempered leader and the current military commander of Sri Lanka are directly responsible for thousands of killings in Sri Lanka.

Some of the ministers from the Jumbo cabinet of Sri Lanka have degrees from western universities. They wear crisp clean suits and speak in Queens English. But what comes out of their mouth don’t reflect the real situation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan rulers no longer tell the truth. According to them, the Sun raises in the West and the rooster crows only in the evenings. While murdering civilians with heavy weapons including tanks and missiles with unconventional war heads, Sri Lanka was lying to the world that they were only using light weapons.

Sri Lanka is the most militarised among the South Asian countries with 13000 military personnel per one million population. Every street corners of Sri Lanka are guarded by armed soldiers. Sri Lanka has 266K active armed personal (Total Troops 374K) which is much higher than many developed countries. [Australia (54k), Canada (65K), South Africa (56K), Norway (28K), United Kingdom (188K), Germany (248K), France (260K), Italy (230K)]


Sri Lanka has no foreign enemies. Multi barrel Rockets were used to kill thousands of Tamils in the recent war

In terms of military expenditure as percentage of GDP, Sri Lanka spends the most in South Asia. The figure is 6% in Sri Lanka which is much higher than the amount spent by its neighbours. (3.5% in Pakistan; 2.5% in India and Nepal; and 1.5% in Bangladesh)


Sri Lanka is now planning to recruit fifty thousands more for its armed forces.

Sri Lanka has now become like another Myanmar in the region. Close associations with nuclear armed China and Pakistan and friendships with Iran, Libya, and Myanmar are already giving the danger signs. Iran has indicated that it is willing to share nuclear technologies with Sri Lanka for peaceful purposes. Those who follow the current trend in the world, very well know what these peaceful purposes are.

Sri Lanka is trying to get hold of nuclear technology (to supplement its power needs). Having been turned away by India, Sri Lanka is turning to States like Iran to fulfil its nuclear ambitions. This is why Sri Lanka always backs Iran’s nuclear program

It may not be well known that Sri Lanka was instrumental in Iran acquiring nuclear technology. Some Sri Lankan businessmen and engineers are among those whose names appear in a United States blacklist over the alleged involvement in the world’s worst illicit nuclear proliferation racket, the British media reported recently.

Although, Sri Lanka is a democratic country, the majority Sinhala people support Nazi Style right wing parties. Racist politicians and military leaders are looked upon as heroes and saviours of the country. Tamils who once had their own nation are now considered as aliens and invaders even though the majority of the Tamils are the original inhabitants of this land. Politics is driven by the powers of ignorance, greed, lies and deceptions.

Today, three hundred thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka are locked up in concentration camps and the rest live in homes that are heavily guarded by the Sri Lankan military. People who once lived dignified and prosperous lives are now treated like stray dogs. Tamil women are raped by the Sri Lankan army and young Tamil men are tortured and killed.

Tamil Rebellion against State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Tamils, who are one of the most oppressed communities in the world, have been fighting to free themselves from the evil regimes of the country. But they have so far failed to achieve their goals. Tamils initially fought through democratic means. Democracy no longer works in favour of Tamils because the majority prefers the Tamils to be wiped out from the country.

Tamils were slaughtered in thousands with swords and knives in the buses, trains and in their own homes in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Frustrated Tamil youth took arms to fight against fascism. Armed rebellion has now been crushed with the help of China and India.

Tamil rebels were initially functioning like how IRA did things in the eighties but from the early 2000s they did manage to build a well disciplined conventional force with their own Air force and Navy. According to the former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, who retired only few weeks ago, Tamil rebels were better in honouring the laws of the land than the government of Sri Lanka. For instance, Seven Sri Lankan soldiers who were prisoners of war in the rebel camps were set free by the rebels without any scratches, even at a time when Sri Lankan forces were murdering Tamil women and babies in cold blood.

Tamil Rebels and the Sri Lankan government signed a ceasefire in 2002, after the Sri Lankan forces had suffered a heavy defeat in a conventional war between both parties. Negotiations were taking place between the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government for five years, with the help of the mediators from EU, Norway, Japan and US.

Sri Lankan government suddenly withdrew from the ceasefire unilaterally in 2007, and launched a war against the rebels with help of India and the weapons it got from China and Pakistan. War broke out at a time when there were signs of peace becoming materialised in Sri Lanka according to the former Norwegian mediator Eric Solheim, who is now the Minister of Environment.

Sri Lankan army did manage to slaughter more than fifty thousand Tamil civilians including women and children within few months time. Banned weapons like cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs were used against the innocents.

War in Vanni, that had revealed the face of the devil

Vanni is a Tamil land in the north eastern region of Sri Lanka that was once flowing with milk and honey. People prospered in every thing. Many of them did farming and deep sea fishing. They were not poor. Their barns were filled with grains throughout the year. These people ate a very healthy diet and lived in homes that were located in unpolluted areas. In our terms, people of Vanni ate organic grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish all their lives.

Few months ago, all of a sudden, Skis of Vanni became darkened. Children stopped playing. Dancing was turned into mourning. Chinese F7s, Russian MIGs f lied over Vanni and bombed homes, hospitals, schools and farms. Cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs and other banned weapons were used against innocent civilians.


They were slaughtered in their own homes


Children were hiding inside the bunkers for weeks and months

Thousands of surrendered and wounded rebels were brutally murdered. Military tanks rolled over the dying and the golden beaches of Sri Lanka were turned into red carpets with the blood of the innocents.

There were no more mourners left in the land of Vanni to mourn for the dead. Lands of the living didn’t send any comforters to the land of the dead. Hearts of the world became stones and the so called leaders of the world had once again revealed their ugly faces.


Nobody came to mourn for the dead

Number of people massacred on the beaches of Sri Lanka is almost ten times of the people died in the Tiananmen Square massacre in China.

If the war was conducted fairly according to the international laws, the outcome of the war would have been much different. Sri Lankan army defeated the rebels by using unconventional banned weapons that had caused thousands of civilian causalities and deaths.


 Chemical weapons were used against the Civilians and Rebels

After killing so many thousands, the Sri Lankan government has sent the remaining to Nazi style concentration camps. Now they are dying in the death camps of Sri Lanka with lack of food and medicine. Tamil women are abused and raped by Sri Lankan military in these horror camps. Men are tortured and killed.

Although China, India and Pakistan are helping the Sri Lankan rulers, Genocide is being carried out with the complete freewill of this Nation. Sri Lankan leaders have made this beautiful country into a half naked prostitute in the India Ocean. Ministers of this country regularly fly to China and India to meet the political and military leaders of those nations. Sri Lanka has become a puppet of these superpowers with its own sweet will.

Sri Lanka is facing destruction by its own masters

People of this world are becoming more and more tolerant. Many colours and races are learning to live together in Europe and America. American people have even elected a Black president with a Muslim middle name to give a powerful message to the world.

Nations that have systems based on racial and religious supremacies should know that they are heading for isolation and destruction if they continue with their racist policies.

Here we see a country that has gone out of control and acting weirdly in the Indian Ocean. Beaches of Sri Lanka are stained with the blood of thousands men, women and children who were slaughtered by the cruel rulers of this country. There is no more media freedom. Local and foreign journalists are intimidated, prisoned and killed. Arrogant leaders of this country are confronting individuals, organisations and even nations that are opposing the killings.

Average Joe has the tools to send a message to Sri Lanka who are deliberately failing from the duties to protect its people.

Joe is conscious of the environment. He makes sure that papers, cloths and empty bottles end up in recycling bins. He is very concerned about the people living in the poorest countries on this earth. He buys fair trade tea and coffee that are produced in countries that need our help.

Joe takes his family for holidays at least once a year. As a matter of conscience, Joe will not be holidaying on the blood stained beaches of Sri Lanka where thousands of innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered by Bombs and shells. Joe will not be buying garments that are made in Sri Lanka, a country that has locked up three hundred thousands Tamils including babies, pregnant women and disabled in barbed wired concentration camps

People of Vanni, who once lived prosperously, are now left to wander like vagabonds with skin and bones in the death camps of Sri Lanka. Family ties are broken, their dignity is destroyed, and thousands of children are psychologically tormented. Many thousands have already become mental.


Money goes into the hands of Sri Lanka is used to wound and kill innocent Civilians. It is time to say "No"

Fourteen hundreds dying in the death camps of Sri Lanka in a week is a clear proof that Sri Lanka is still mass murdering Tamils. These people are not terrorists but men, women and children who also have dreams and have every right on this earth to live with dignity. They were not born to die of starvation, torture and deliberate medical negligence in the hands foolish and arrogant rulers.

Sri Lanka should know that they can’t do business with the world while slaughtering the civilians. No country prospers with the blood of the innocents. Agents of the Sri Lanlan regime who live overseas are still justifying the killings of Tamils. They should learn to show respect the follow humans because they themselves enjoy equal rights in foreign countries.

People of this world, no matter what their religion, race, colour and culture are, they all have the freedom to live without the fear of intimidation, torture rape and murder.

Time has for the international community say No to “Sri Lankan package Holidays”, No to “Sri Lankan Airlines”, No to “Sri Lankan Cricket”, No to “Ceylon Tea”, No to “Garment made in Sri Lanka” and No to “Any organisation that has commercial interests in Sri Lanka” until the killings stop and Sri Lanka come with clean hands.

We give money for Cancer Research, Save the Children, Christian Aid, Tear Fund and many other leading charities because we very well know that our money is used to protect, build and heal lives

What goes in the hands of Sri Lanka is not used to build lives but to destroy lives therefore, it is rational, ethical and sensible to stop supporting a country that is continuing with its genocide agenda with arrogance.

Sri Lanka is already facing isolation and there will be serious consequences if the leaders of this country continue to orchestrate abductions, torture, rape and killings in order to suppress the voice of the oppressed.

Destroying individuals, families and communities will eventually lead to the destruction of the whole Nation of Sri Lanka by its own masters.

Richard Dixon


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  • fdimul said:

    If it is believed that Rama was there to destroy Ravana in this same Island, then why not another Rama do the same now.

    Being a ordinary person powerless to do anything against the mighty combined powers of the world I have now started using my meditational powers to curse the sinners.

    When blessings could do wonders and bring about good things and brings happiness in ones life curse will do the opposite.

    All we need to do is curse Rajapakshe so that he dies with the same type of sufferings that he is now inflicting on others. It will happen, no good doctor and medicine will be able to cure him. This is power, this is God’s power and this is the right solution to the millions of tamils living all over the world.

    Let there be innumerable poojas in temples to curse these Rajapakshe brothers. Let there be mantras chanted to bring diseases to Rajapakshe brothers.

    Next in line should be Indian leaders who are actively participating in this destruction. The curse next should fall on these Indian leaders starting right from Sonia Gandhi, her children and the congress chellas.