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A girl for Simbu

[cinesouth, Thursday, 16 July 2009 15:15 No Comment]

image Hear! Hear! All you eligible, pretty young things of Tamilnadu. Please send your photo along with bio-data to Simbu. Who knows? One of you could end up as his wife.

Simbu says he is a good man who has earned a name as a bad guy. Many factors could have contributed to that, including his broken affair with Nayantara. For some time now, the man has been silent. No prodding or probing has been effective in eliciting spicy remarks out of him.

When a reporter asked his comment on the Prabhu Deva – Nayantara affair, Simbu responded tactfully with, “This is their personal matter. It is not decent on my part to interfere in this.” There is a reason for this reticence. Yes, his parents have started looking out for a suitable bride for him!

What sort of a girl does he have in mind? “She need not know all about cinema but should have some interest. She must be smarter than I. If she’s a good dancer, that would be great. She must love kids and must be a cook with at least moderate skills.”

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