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Sri Lanka Receives Cuban Support – examiner

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Cuba’s decisive support for Sri Lanka at the recent special session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva was highly appreciated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa when he met the Cuban leader President Raul Castro at Sharm El Sheik Thursday.

The two national leaders met on the sidelines of the 15th Non-Aligned Summit, which concluded in Egypt on Thursday. President Rajapaksa said that Sri Lanka was grateful for the strong support extended by Cuba at the HRC, which enabled the Sri Lankan resolution to be debated and voted on, obtaining a clear majority of support for the Sri Lankan position on the need to defeat terrorism and to safeguard the principles of national sovereignty, in the face of considerable pressure by countries that had possibly been misled by LTTE propaganda.

The Cuban leader expressed solidarity with Sri Lanka in the battle it waged against terrorism and congratulated the Sri Lankan leader for the successful defeat of terrorism in the country. He said Cuba’s support for Sri Lanka was in keeping with the principles of the Non Aligned Movement and the importance that Cuba attached to the principles of national sovereignty.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa also thanked Cuba for supplying the necessary knowledge and expertise for Sri Lanka’s current campaign to eradicate dengue from country, with particular attention to controlling the breeding of the dengue bearing mosquito.

The two leaders agreed on the need on the need keep alive the historic friendship between Sri Lanka and Cuba, further strengthen relations between the two countries, and the continued promotion of the principles of the Non Aligned Movement, which had increased relevance today in the context of current world crises.

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