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Ash against rumour mongers

[IndiaGlitz, Thursday, 23 July 2009 19:11 No Comment]

image Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, an icon who has created a strong positive image of the Indian woman of the 21st century, a role model at work and at home.  A name that makes news by itself and for this very reason over the years people have respected her stand to avoid fuelling rumors or using the media to hype a release or other wise.

It is reported that certain sections of the press have been putting together articles or pieces without any semblance of truth which has irritated and pained the supporters and publicist of Ash.

Ash’s publicist has expressed annoyance over such baseless rumours. It was learned that a journalist spread a gossip with a frivolous headline like ‘Career more important than family’ which has hurt Ash’s supporters.

“Any Irresponsible statements about her private life will not be left to grow without a strong rebuttal. No uncertain terms that hence forth we would be forced to take legal recourse in any such event of a piece or article appearing without any credibility or which is an absolute fabrication of one’s imagination.”

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