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We don’t poke our nose in other’s affairs, Pak tells Lanka

[PTI, Wednesday, 29 July 2009 11:47 No Comment]

Asserting it does not believe in "poking" in others’ affairs, Pakistan has expressed support to Sri Lanka in deciding on the course of peace moves and resettlement of the displaced Tamils in the island’s north.

Stating that it will not dictate Sri Lanka on pursuing its own policy with regard to the post LTTE war solutions, a senior Pakistan Foreign ministry official told a group of Sri Lankan journalists in Islamabad that his country had confidence in the island government and its people.

"The Sri Lankan leadership and its people are the best judge and I am sure, positive and confident that they know what their interests are," the State run Daily News quoted Additional Foreign Secretary (Asia- Pacific) Masood Khalid as telling the scribes yesterday.

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