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My sis first, then me: Simbu

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image He is an actor, director, Nayantara’s ex-boyfriend and now he’s a responsible elder brother.

For the past few weeks there have been rumours that Simbu’s family are looking out for a bride for him. When Simbu is asked when the muhurtam date is to be, he asks if it is necessary to poke one’s nose into what is purely his personal matter.

“When one is in the limelight, such things are common, is it not?” gets some tidbit of information out of Simbu.

“It’s true that they are looking out for a bride for me, but before that, my younger sister Ilakiya is to be married. Only after her marriage will I tie the knot. My parents agree to my wishes. Ilakiya has completed her MBA. So we are fervently in search of a groom for her. A few months after her marriage, will be my wedding,” said Simbu.

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