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‘Thillalangadi’ is a spicy film: Raja’s interview

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image For the fifth time, ‘Jayam’ Raja and his brother team up for yet another re-make film. This time, it is ‘Thillalangadi’ that is the re-make of hit Telugu film ‘Kick.’

The heroine for ‘Jayam’ Ravi is Tamanna, who is pairing with top heroes like Surya and Vijay. Shaam is the other hero. And will do the same role he did in the original Telugu version. For the first time, Vadivelu will rock under Raja’s direction.

The inaugural pooja took place this morning at AVM Studios. Despite having to start shooting right away, director Raja did not fail to interact with the media. “I can’t just sum up the film as an entertainment movie. The viewers should emerge from the theatre saying it’s a ‘kick’ film.

Ravi’s role in ‘Thillalangadi’ is quite different. Neither for his principles nor love will he compromise. He lives life as he likes it. For him, life should have a ‘kick.’ In short, he does not bow down to anyone. Only rarely do heroes get such roles and Ravi happily has that opportunity now.

For the first time, I’m making a spicy film. In my earlier films, there were no praises sung for the hero, but in this film there is, not because Ravi is my younger brother, but because it’s important for the character he plays. Tamanna’s role is equal to that of the hero.

I’m directing Vadivelu for the first time. He is not there just for comedy but will be an important character through the film. Apart from Vadivelu’s comedy, we will also have Santhanam to humour you. Shaam’s character in the film definitely will get him noticed.

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