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Liam Fox meets Mahinda Rajapakse, Sampanthan

[TamilNet, Monday, 31 August 2009 10:06 One Comment]

The government of United Kingdom (UK) is seriously involved in finding a political solution to the legitimate aspirations of Tamils in Sri Lanka and the early resettlement of the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced as well as ensuring a better future for them, Mr. Liam Fox, British Conservative Party parliamentarian, is reported to have told President Mahinda Rajapakse when he met the latter on Saturday.

Liam Fox also met the parliamentary group leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) R. Sampanthan later the same day and conveyed the outcome of the talks of he had had with President Rajapakse, the sources said.

Liam Fox had told Mr.Sampanthan that he had briefed the President during his talks that the legitimate rights of Tamil people should be safeguarded and the IDPs now being held in Vavuniyaa camps should be resettled in their own villages without any delay and that UK is prepared to assist Sri Lanka in this regard.

Liam Fox assured R. Sampanthan that his party would contribute its maximum for the betterment of Tamils in Sri Lanka and it would work hard to see Tamils live with dignity if it comes to power.

Meanwhile, R. Sampanthan is said to have briefed Liam Fox and sought his assistance to exert pressure on the Government of Sri Lanka to resettle all IDPs now languishing in the internment camps in Vavuniyaa without any further delay.

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  • Kamal David said:

    Liam Fox (or is it Faux, will see in about 12 months or so) should understand the real Tamil problem lies within India. If we are to find an everlasting solution Mr. Faux should be talking to the Indian Government to explore ways and find out how to carve-out a section of Tamil Nadu, to settle the angry Sri Lankan Tamil (aka ASLT, LTTE) minority, who’s generally had a problem living in Sri Lanka, from the get-go. As far as I know, their (the angry ones, not me) hatred is more towards the Brits for barging (actually in barges) them along from Tamil Nadu to clean their mansions, pluck the tea leaves, pick-up coconuts, etc., which the badly beaten Singhalese had refused to do. Of course now, after 6 decades or so, they (ASLT) are all rotten spoilt and will never be able to mix with the regular Tamilians in Tamil Nadu. But that would be Mr. Faux’s problem, wouldn’t it? Well, the Brits probably will be the best qualified to pull something like this out. See what success they’ve achieved in Palastine.

    As for me, I’m not the angry type. I will be going back to sunny Sri Lanka and live with the generally friendly Sri Lankans like the Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Burghers (Hmmmmmm, they produced the best looking women, ever) and of course the Singhalese.