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Prakashraj shares his happiness at winning best actor award

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image This is the third time Prakashraj gets a national award. Earlier, it was as supporting actor so the award this time is very special as it is for best actor.

Busy with shooting at Mangalore for a Kannada film, Prakashraj was happy to distribute sweets in celebration of the good news. He spoke about the background to the film that was also sweet in itself.

“I’m extremely happy to get the best actor award but I am even happier that Tamil film ‘Kanjeevaram’ got the best film award. It’s a matter of pride for Tamil cinema. I convey my gratitude to director Priyadarshan. He was busy with his work in Hindi filma when he met me one day. He told me he wanted to make a Tamil film, he had a good story on hand for which only I would be suitable. If I agreed, we could start work right away, or else he would postpone the project.

He told me the story. I was stunned. I am ever grateful for the affection and confidence that Priyadarshan had in me. I express my gratitude to cinematographer Thiru and everyone who worked with me in the film. I convey my sincere thanks to the national award committee.

This award has given me further motivation and encouragement. I want to work harder. A national award is not possible just because an actor works hard. Also essential are a good story and good director.

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