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“May enter politics”: Vijay wriggles out again

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image The news going round among the Congress leaders for the past two weeks is all too known to the country.  Vijay met the press persons in the context of that news.  Vijay’s wishy washy answers disappointed the high expectations of the media.

Vijay’s interview:

“In the recent past, the news that stands out in every newspaper concerned my entry into politics.  The truth is that I am not a big leader. It is true that I met Rahul Gandhi in Delhi.  He generally spoke about my films and my service to the people.  We spoke about politics too.  But it won’t be decent to mention that here.

I liked the way he met me and treated me.  Both the Congress and I follow the same method of approaching the youth. I was thrilled to meet and exchange ideas with a leader who believes he is the great hope to change the face of India.  I consider this as a matter of pride to me and Tamilians.

I have taken the responsibility to gather youths who are the promise for a better tomorrow. So, I’m not taking any political decisions now. Am not able to. I’m concentrating on my Makkal Iyakkam. It’s a matter of truth that I’m in a position where I cannot take any decision about politics now.
Good things should happen to Tamilians and Tamils the world over. I will work for it. In the future I will decide about joining hands with a government that will work for the welfare of the Tamils.”

When the press wanted a clear answer from him about whether he would surely enter politics, he wriggled away with an answer that he may.

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