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LTTE funding lines intact, says NSA -The Economic Times

[MISC, Wednesday, 16 September 2009 08:29 One Comment]

The LTTE leadership may have been wiped out in a massive offensive by the Sri Lankan army, but the threat from the dreaded terror outfit is far from over.

National Security Adviser MK Narayanan on Monday warned that with the Tamil diaspora, which was the main source of funding for LTTE, spread far and wide, the threat of the outfit raising its head once again could not be ruled out.

In his address to DGP/IGP conference here on Monday, Mr Narayanan said that the funding lines of LTTE were still intact and there was always a possibility that disgruntled elements in the Tamil diaspora across the globe could get together to help the terror outfit regroup and rearm.

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  • Sivasubramaniam said:

    Narayanan’s anti-Tamil prejudice in the Delhi bureaucracy seems to thirst for more Tamil blood. Narayanan, the Sinhalese genocide partner views every Tamil a Tiger wherever he may be. Hence his plan to export the genocide to stop the diaspora funding of a resurgent resistance which is inevitable as long as genocide in SL continues. On Narayanan’s audacious suggestion in ‘LTTE funding lines intact, says NSA’ to act against the Tamil diaspora in their safe haven countries is over-ambitious. SL intelligence or even RAW surrogate personnel are unlikely to be welcome from operating either overtly or covertly there against the diaspora. These countries are unlike Colombo and Delhi not ranked human rights abusers.
    The RAW vintaged Narayanan produced the ‘no fire zone’ (3 sq km) idea into which the Tamil resistance LTTE leadership and 20 000 civilians were enticed for easy massacre. The 300 000 civilians who escaped the massacre under the Narayanan plan were herded straight into barb wire fenced concentration camps in a starving/distressed condition. Narayanan’s loyalty to SL is overwhelming, hence his involvement in the massacre of 20 000 civilian along with the white flag carrying resistance leadership contingent as revealed by Gothabhaya Rajapakse in an interview. Gothabhaya exposed the role that the Narayanan Delhi trio’s in the planning of the operations that brought such a tragic end to the Tamil resistance/LTTE.
    This end of the LTTE according to Bhadrakumar is a strategic blunder. With it India lost the only leverage it had to stop SL flirting with China. Whatever his pecuniary interests are Narayanan laid the foundation for a strong Chinese threat in India’s soft underbelly. How patriotic an Indian! Did Delhi under Narayanan’s guidance invest so heavily in men, material and funds to invite a threat of this magnitude to its door step and was the political leadership so naïve and ineffective to go along with such a Narayanan blunder? Even mainstream Tamils in TN are deeply estranged over Narayanan’s acts that the China think tank confidently predicts the balkanization of India beginning with an estranged Tamil Nadu. Narayanan in mis-allocating military intelligence and other resources to support SL in its conflict left India’s west flank totally exposed that a small band of overseas terrorists audaciously launched the now infamous Bombay attack. Besides the human costs (innocents killed) India’s image as a regional power capable of defending itself suffered irreparable damage. Yet in Delhi Narayanan survives a blunder of this magnitude.
    India’s image was also dented over Delhi lying in SL style that no offensive weapons were supplied to SL. This was shamefully exposed during the victory parade in Colombo where all the Indian heavy artillery including Rajiv’s notorious Bofor guns, repainted Indian helicopter gunships and even two India supplied battleships in anchor in the Colombo harbor were paraded. These helicopter gunships were key to SL’s victory over the Tamil resistance. The RAW over flights over the ‘no fire zone’ provided the intelligence to target the LTTE leadership for pin point massacre. Narayanan now playing the covert and later an overt supporter of SL corroded any confidence the mainstream had in the statements that Delhi issues from time to time. The mis-information was major blunder by itself.
    To avoid embarrassment the Delhi bureaucracy needs to replace Narayanan the overstaying deadwood with better educated bureaucrats who could produce fresh strategic thinking for India to avoid the blunders of its past three decades.
    V S Subramaniam