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Protect Human Rights of people: Ranil

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Opposition UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said the country would not be under threat by any foreign force if the human rights and sovereignty of the people are preserved.

“We can fearlessly face international forces if human rights are preserved,” he said speaking at the launch of the ten books written by UNP National Organizer S. B. Dissanayake last evening. 

He stressed on the need for implementing the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights stating that Sri Lanka had accepted and had signed it in the past. He said preserving the rights of the people in the country is true patriotism. “The word nation does not mean the geographical area of a country but safe guarding the people and their rights. 

Mr. Wickremesinghe paid tribute to Mr. Dissanayake saying he was a politico who had achieved the status of an eminent writer. He said Mr. Dissanayake had studied the issues faced by the society today and had presented his perception on those issues. He identified Mr. Disssanayake with great politicos such as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who wrote on the second World War  and US President Barack Obama who wrote ‘ Audacity of hope’ after he took up politics.

Mr. Dissanayake who stressed that people in the North and the East faced political, cultural and social issues today than ever before, called on all political parties, political leaders, clergy, business community and other professionals to work together to avoid another war.

He stressed that winning the war that was waging for more than 30 years in the North and the East alone

would not resolve the social, political and cultural issues that are faced by the people in these areas.

“All political parties, clergy and other professionals should take these matters seriously and find solutions in order to prevent the Northern people from taking arms,” he said.

He said Sri Lanka should be converted into a rich, powerful and developed nation once again. “This is the great challenge before us today and the Government alone cannot do it without the contribution of others,” he said.

Speaking on freedom and democracy, Mr. Dissanayake said the country should be put on the right direction as soon as possible. “One must work with an open mind and criticize what should be criticized and put the country on the right track,” he also said.

He said people should evaluate things carefully and understand them. “One should do the same with the great dhamma preached by Buddha,” he added.

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