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I will expose actresses, threatens arrested Bhuvaneswari

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image This is nothing new for Bhuvaneswari. This is the third time she is getting arrested on immoral grounds. On a complaint that Bhuvaneswari was involved in flesh trade at her bungalow in Adyar, a cop pretending to be a customer, nailed her and had her arrested.

Of course, there arose a few sentimental scenes on the occasion. It seems yesterday was Bhuvaneswari’s son’s 15th birthday. When the cake was to be cut, the cops turned up to arrest her. The benevolent cops allowed her to finish the cake cutting and then apprehended her, as well as a few other women.

In her statement to the police, Bhuvaneswari has revealed a sad story. “I don’t know why fate is playing so cruelly in my life. Like me, there are so many actresses doing the same business, but the police turn a blind eye to that. I know many actresses who earn 2 lakhs for an hour. I am going to reveal that list. If they are also not arrested, I am not going to remain silent,” snapped Bhuvaneswari.

Some VIPs who are Bhuvaneswari’s customers, have called the police to request them to file an ordinary case against her and release her.

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