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Police admonish actor who threatens

[cinesouth, Tuesday, 6 October 2009 20:20 No Comment]

image The Tamil film fraternity is shaken with the bombshell dropped by Bhuvaneshwari’s allegations.

One of the actors who went yesterday to the Police Commissioner’s office to complain for action against the publication that featured a list of names was actor Vijay Kumar. He gets emotional not only in films but in real life too and the Commissioner warned him.

After submitting the petition and getting ready to leave, the actor suddenly raised his voice. “It won’t take minutes to smash up that newspaper office. We will rout out that office,” he said boiling with rage.

This annoyed Rajendran and he is supposed to have said, “Mr. Vijay Kumar, don’t forget that you are talking to the Police Commissioner.

Keep such tensions outside this place. Don’t talk to me like this. I must warn you that if something happens to the newspaper office in question, we would have suspicions on you.” The other actors had to pacify him and lead him out.

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