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Ask Colombo to free refugees, Amnesty urges Indian MPs – IANS

[MISC, Tuesday, 13 October 2009 15:57 One Comment]

Indian MPs currently on a visit to Sri Lanka should raise concerns about the "safety and dignity" of the hundreds of thousands of Tamils who have been displaced by civil war, Amnesty International said.

The refugees, who have been sheltered in 21 government-run closed camps in the north and east of the island nation, have not been allowed to leave the camps and seek alternative accommodation, the human rights group said.

"In the course of your interactions with Sri Lankan authorities, Amnesty International urges you to emphasise the need to respect the rights of all displaced people to liberty and freedom of movement; freedom of arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention," Amnesty said in a letter to the MPs.

The 10 Indian MPs from ruling parties in Tamil Nadu, led by T. R. Baalu, are in Sri Lanka on a four-day visit.

Amnesty said although Sri Lanka pledged to resettle the majority of the refugees within 180 days after the war ended in May, "it is clear now that true ‘resettlement’ will take much longer than the Sri Lankan government anticipated".

"Displaced people have not been allowed to seek alternative accommodations or start the process of rebuilding their lives. The Sri Lankan government continues to confine the displaced to closed camps, in crowded, uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous conditions.

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  • Kamal David said:

    What are these Indians talking about? There was NO safety and dignity when their (Indian Peace Keeping Force) guys were raping, torturing and murdering the SL Tamils in Jaffna. Why don’t these fat Indian bastards mind their own fricking business?