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Why the Sri Lankan Govt. won’t allow India to interrogate K.P.

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It has come to light that K.P. has time and again urged Prabhakaran to

negotiate with the Sri Lankan  Govt.

India took a lot of pains and interest to interrogate K.P. in connection with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when he was taken into custody. At the outset, the Indian secret intelligence service, ‘RAW’ requested from the Sri Lankan  Govt. to meet and question him unofficially. But, the Sri Lankan  govt. turned down the request and informed India’s ‘RAW’ secret service that, until its interrogation is concluded pertaining to KP’s involvement in the terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, India cannot be granted the opportunity to question him.

Thereafter, the CBI and the MDMA of the Indian secret Intelligence service conducting the investigation into the murder of Rajiv Gandhi made an official request in this regard. The Sri Lankan  Govt. however refused the request.

India being denied interrogation of KP has aroused its suspicions. After the Pakistan’s intelligence Division was allowed by the  Sri Lankan  Govt. to interrogate K.P. in connection with the Tamil Tiger involvement  in the terrorist attack launched on the SL cricketers in Pakistan some months ago, India’s suspicions have been further heightened. India is insistent that K.P. is linked to  the Rajiv Gandhi murder.

India says, a month before Rajiv Gandhi‘s murder, K.P. had arrived in Tamil Nadu and organized everything towards this end, including the lodging for the would be assassins , India’s intelligence unit MDMA had discovered. They have proved with evidence that it is K.P. who had orchestrated the network and supplied the explosives and devices for the assassination.

However, Prof. Rohan Gunaratne , a specialist in terrorism eradication and mastermind behind  the operation in the arrest of  K.P. , in his book entitled ‘Indian intervention in Sri Lanka’ says, the Tamil Tigers made use of the ‘RDX’ explosive devices for the Rajiv Gandhi murder supplied by the ‘RAW’ secret service.

Upon repeated and relentless questioning of KP by the Sri Lankan  Govt. following his arrest, it is of the view that K.P. was not involved in the Rajiv Gandhi murder. It is therefore argued by some that, if K.P.was not involved in the Rajiv Gandhi murder, there is no necessity for the Indian intelligence service to question him. Yet, the Indian intelligence Division conducting the Rajiv Gandhi assassination declares that K.P. is indeed involved in the Rajiv assassination, and hence, his interrogation is imperative.

If the Indian intelligence unit is permitted to interrogate K.P., it may not be difficult for India to prove K.P. is implicated in the Rajiv Gandhi’s murder. In that event, it will become necessary for India to bring K.P. before its legal processes.

India will have cause to ask for the extradition of KP from the Sri Lankan  Govt. The latter will also be bound to accede to the request. It is the perception of some highly placed sources that the Sri Lankan  Govt. is not allowing India to question him in order to ward off this possibility.

The question at issue at this juncture is, what is the necessity for the Sri Lankan  Govt. to hold K.P. in its custody and protect him? Rohan Gunaratne, the Terrorism eradication specialist and the mastermind behind the arrest of K.P. told the Television SBS service that K.P. was fetched from Malaysia by plane on a business class ticket.

Even today K.P. is enjoying all the luxurious comforts and facilities while in custody. He is given an Indian cook too to provide him with Indian cuisine, foreign media reveal.

The Sri Lankan  Govt. extending all these privileges and comforts must be nursing a plan and program to destroy the Tamil Tiger International chain using him. It is the view of some that the Govt. has an idea of getting K.P. into politics and hand over the administration of the North to him, while Karuna shall be in charge of the East. In any case, it is hard to imagine that K.P. will be brought to politics. If K.P. is not going to enter politics, what is the benefit the SL Govt. going to derive?

It has become clear that K.P. after 2003 has had no connections with the Tamil Tiger international chain. Prabhakaran also appointed him as the leader of the Foreign division in 2009 only for him to negotiate with Foreign representatives. He was entrusted with no other responsibilities, not even the reins over the Tamil Tiger international chain.

According to foreign media reports, following the interrogation of K.P. by the Sri Lankan  Govt. it has come to light that he has time and again urged Prabhakaran to negotiate with the Sri Lankan  Govt. Indeed. on one occasion , Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony has himself asked K.P. to save Prabhakaran  . K.P. had no alternative, but to reply, that opportunity has slipped away from him now. He told Charles Anthony, had Prabhakaran heeded him before, none of the problems would have cropped up.

The foregoing clearly implies that K.P. will no longer be inimical to the Sri Lankan  Govt.  Therefore, .the latter by not extraditing K.P. to India is trying to protect K.P. is another implication. But, of course the mystery underlying this issue is unfathomable just yet.

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