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Lanka’s TULF seeks MK’s help

[Express Buzz, Sunday, 1 November 2009 11:24 No Comment]

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi has been urged by a Tamil politician here to intervene and help secure the Tamils a political framework on the lines of Indian federalism.

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) president V. Anandasangaree has said that Karunanidhi needed to muster the support of everyone in Tamil Nadu to back a just political solution in Sri Lanka.

"Your participation … is indispensable," the TULF leader said in an open letter.

"I have proposed that the Sri Lankan problem should find a solution based on the Indian model. The powers similar to those devolved on various states in India, if devolved on Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka, may satisfy the aspirations of the minorities and also will be acceptable to a large section of the Sri Lankan people," he said.

"Any solution under a unitary constitution will leave it open for hardliners to meddle with it in the future," he said. "That is why I am insisting on a solution based on the Indian model which promotes unity in diversity."

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