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Rambha back in another thriller

[Galatta, Saturday, 14 November 2009 10:14 No Comment]

image Vidiyum Varai Kathiru, Tamil adaptation of the Hollywood thriller When a Stranger Calls, is actress Rambha’s comeback vehicle. This pulsating thriller and murder mystery has Rambha at its fulcrum.

While that movie is yet to release, the actress’ next movie, another exciting thriller, is already ready for release. Called Puthu Kathai in Tamil and Ottha Katha in Telugu, the movie is about three youngsters who lose their jobs.

Desperate for jobs, they agree to a stranger’s strange request.

He appoints the three of them to kill him! But before they complete the job, the stranger is killed by someone else, and these three become the prime suspects.

On the run, they have to hide and yet find out what actually happened – who the stranger was and who actually killed him.

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