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Jaya blames Centre for Sri Lankan Tamils plight

[Express Buzz, Saturday, 21 November 2009 10:26 No Comment]

AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa on Friday said the Union government instead of playing a meaningful role on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, kept silent and facilitated the Rajapaksa government exterminate Tamils in their country.

In response to a query on the Centre’s role on the issue, she told reporters on Friday that India kept silent when it could have played a meaningful role. “It (the union government) was inactive and facilitated Sri Lankan government in the extermination of Tamils.’’ “I hope at least now it will realise its mistake and make amends. The government should secure their release from the camps and restore their rights,’’ she said.

Jayalalithaa said the Sri Lankan Tamils were now living in “Nazi-type concentration camps’’ and were facing abominable conditions.

“They should be rehabilitated in their own places and allowed to live with equal rights as that of the Sri Lankans.’’ Asked about the DMK government’s decision to allot Rs 100 crore to improve the basic amenities of the Lankans living in the various refugee camps in the State, she described it as an opportunistic move.

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