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Susi Ganesan to meet Obama

[IndiaGlitz, Thursday, 3 December 2009 18:16 No Comment]

image Appreciations and positive reactions got from the police department has become a booster for director Susi Ganesan.

Birdies said that ex-IAS officer Vittal had seen ‘Kanthaswamy’ and had invited the director to his residence and appreciated his initiative. Susi will be flying to visit NRI Americans by receiving guidance from officials like Mr. Vittal.

When we asked if this trip was to eradicate black-money or corruption, the director came out with an all new answer. Susi will be visiting well-settled NRI Americans and somehow try to make them adopt the downtrodden Indian villages. We heard that Susi Ganesan has aimed to make these NRIs to adopt at least 100 villages, before he starts his next project!

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