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Defection of SB hits Fonseka camp

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The Sarath Fonseka camp suffered a major dent with the defection of the United National Party (UNP) stalwart S B Dissanayake to the Mahinda Rajapaksa camp on Monday.

Dissanayake, better known by his initials “SB” told a reporters here, that he had met Rajapaksa in the morning to convey his decision to resign from all posts in the UNP and join the President’s Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

SB was the leader of the Opposition in the Central Provincial council and had won the previous election with the highest number of individual preferential votes. He was aspiring to be UNP’s candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, in case party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe chose not to contest.

But Wickremesinghe surprised everybody by fielding Fonseka, a rank outsider.

SB said that Wickremesinghe was destroying the UNP by his dictatorial attitude and his contempt for politicians with grassroots support. His decision to field, not a party man but a military man, in the January 26 presidental polls would not only obliterate the UNP but could put supreme power in the hands of a man who could turn out to be a military dictator.

According to SB “war hero” Fonseka had no chance of winning the election because fighting a war and winning a political battle were two different things. Fonseka, he added, was not popular even in the army “whether at the top, in the middle and in the lower ranks”.

SB said that the need of the hour was to strengthen and foster democracy and hence his decision to support Rajapaksa, who he said, was poised to win by a margin of five to six lakh votes.

SB said that Rajapaksa’s determined leadership won the war for Sri Lanka and now, he should be given support to build peace and restore democracy.

SB is the first top-of-the-line leader to defect from one side to the other since the Presidential election was announced. Twosecond leaders, Jonston Fernando and Abu Sally left the UNP earlier, but did not join the SLFP. They too objected to the UNP fielding outsider Fonseka.

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