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Boycott campaign in US gathers momentum

[TamilNet, Saturday, 26 December 2009 12:05 No Comment]

While New York Tamil activists deployed a mobile billboard to spread the message of their boycott campaign urging ethical shoppers to shun garments and other products made in Sri Lanka whose 99% Sinhala military allegedly killed more than 30,000 civilians, activists in Florida and in Northern California held protest campaigns in Fort Lauderdale and in San Franciso city early this week. Organizers of the two protests said they are working with protest groups in other states to define a consistent boycott message.

"In San Francisco, on the 19th, we had a group of over 15 people covering both the GAP store and Victoria’s secret separated by two blocks. The shopping season meant that the streets were packed with people and we were quickly running out of flyers. We were starting to give out flyers to only those who came forward and asked for one after seeing the placards," San Francisco protesters’ spokesperson said.

"The store manager at GAP came out to talk to some of the protests as we were setting up positions at the beginning of the rally. We also met with the store manager at Victoria’s Secret, at the end of the rally to inform them that the boycott campaign is continuing to grow with participation from various countries. They are continuing to monitor our activities and are aware of the buy and return activities as well," the spokesperson added.

On the Florida protest, a protester said, "we were there at the entry junction to the Sawgrass Mills mall in Fort Lauderdale. and so we were able to give flyers to shoppers going in both directions.

"The response from the public was very encouraging. There were about ten thousand cars cross that junction in those four hours, and we had a big "BOYCOTT SRILANKA" sign in the center, which drew attention of the drivers; we were able to see most of the passengers in all lanes looking at the signs. Some of the drivers crossed lanes to get the information about the Boycott and picked the flyers," the Florida protest organizer said.


Florida Boycott


Florida Boycott


Florida Boycott


San Francisco protest


San Francisco protest


San Francisco protest


San Francisco boycott


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