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On December 26, the Governor of the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Narain Dutt Tiwari ( 83) resigned from his post. In his resignation letter addressed to the President of India he has cited health grounds, a customary lie. Now after sensational exposure in visual media, everyone knows that he is healthy enough to indulge in sexual acts and Governor’s job of signing the files is very often easier than that.

arlier on Christmas day, images of this old man in bed with young women were telecast by ABN Andhra Jyothi, a Telugu TV channel . Tiwari still wearing Gandhi- Congress cap as a mark of freedom fighter , was seen wearing no trousers and upper cloths raised up to the neck; the women were without a shred of clothing, one at his lower half and the others on his upper half of the body.

ND Tiwari was caught in spy camera while involving in pleasure massages and sexual acts in intimate company of three women at Raj Bhavan, the Government Palace allotted to him at Hyderabad.He was 83, and the women ranged in the age group of 17 and 25. It is reported that usually those girls were brought from different parts of the country to be employed in Raj Bhavan giving them tax payers money to perform a variety of sexual comforts to the old man.

Radhika, a woman from Uttarakhand has admitted that that she sent the young women to Raj Bhavan on Tiwari’s request through his aide. As a motivation to expose ND Tiwari, she claimed that the governor failed to keep his word to provide her a mining license in Andhra Pradesh.

What is baffling to the innocent news watchers is that even after this kind of visuals and witnesses appearing in media exhibiting his gross misdeeds, he could still try to hide his acts.. He is not sincere enough to admit his immoral activity. He may be following Bill Clinton to deny first and accept later. Former US President Bill Clinton belatedly admitted that he lied to the American people and that he had inappropriate intimate contact with a woman called Lewinsky at White House the official residence of American President.

ND Tiwari immediately after the sensational exposure of his body and mind, arranged to issue a press statement defending himself foolishly. The Governor’s press note asserted

“alleged news story is nothing but a tissue of lies and is denied. Mr. Tiwari is 83 -years-old and in the evening of his life. The office of Governor is constantly under public scrutiny and entirely above board… The Governor … will continue to discharge his constitutional duties as enjoined without fear and favour. It is sad and unfortunate that constitutional functionaries are dragged into needless controversy with utter disregard to propriety.”

The Governor preferred to play usual game of denial which is the old tactic of the forces of establishment. His propaganda managers started allegations that the recorded tapes were doctored. A main stream print media published the news story without his photograph and some papers reported as if this was only allegation and not true for the obvious reason that he belonged to their respected community.

But Vemuri Radhakrishna of ABN Andhra Jyothi told

” Neither the news story nor the tapes are fabricated. Neither is it for sensation mongering….Offices like that of the Governor are exemplary and it’s sickening to see a person holding such a high office behave in such a manner… I am prepared to face any conseqences. We are trying to get the court stay vacated.”

If we wish to give Mr. ND Tiwari a fair trial, our hands would be tied by his past record about his weakness in sex and his admission on such incident.

In 2008, ND Tiwari was subjected to a paternity claim by Rohit Shekar, son of Mrs. Ujjwala Sharma, Former general secretary of All India Young Women’s Congress. Mrs.Ujjwala, in her petition stated that she was drawn into a relationship by Tiwari about 30 years back and that Tiwari convinced her of his “love and affection”; following Tiwari’s decade of persuasion, she “submitted” to the “emotional pressure” that “culminated” into Rohit’s birth.

ND Tiwari despite having illegal relation with the wife of another person refused for a DNA test to prove the claims of his biological son Rohit. He escaped from the case using the loop holes in the Indian law.

But if we go through the profile of ND Tiwari he has achieved many unbeatable distinctions in his public life. He was born in 1925 in Nainital district, He participated in the freedom struggle and was jailed at the age of 17. After 1947, Mr. Tiwari became influential politician from Utter Pradesh and held important portfolios including Finance, Commerce, External Affairs and Petroleum at in the central Government in New Delhi. He served as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times and became the first elected Chief Minister of the newly created Uttarakhand in 2002. His distinction of becoming a Chief Minister of two states may go unchallenged. But no one can recall any one achievement of ND Tiwari which was beneficial to the people.

N D Tiwari was very fortunate to be part of a history in becoming the first Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. The state was carved out of Uttar Pradesh by dividing the districts inhibited by Upper caste people who were all migrants out numbering the local lower caste population. Since the state promised a self rule for upper caste people creation of such state happened without any violent movement. All the political parties were responsible for creating such a “ State for a Caste”. This disease has now infected up to Tamil Nadu where there are demands for North Tamil nadu for Vanniar dominated area, South Tamil Nadu for Thevar dominated area and Kongu nadu in the west for Goundar dominated area.

While serving the newly created state, now named as Uttranchal, ND Tiwari could not fulfill the dreams of conservative sections of the society to fabricate a nation in Uttaranchal with official language as Sanskrit in the model of Israel. Sonia Gandhi even requested Tiwari, the chief minister of Uttarakhand to be more visible in the party’s campaign in election and not give the excuse that he was too old to take part in the politics. Later he lost his vote bank in Utter Pradesh to Mayavati through BJP.

ND Tiwari was a leader carefully groomed by the orthodox sections of Indian Hindu society by safeguarding from any issues that may taint his image to occupy highest positions of future. He almost came close to claim the post of Prime minister but was defeated by his colleague PV Narasimha Rao from Telengana region of the same Congress party. (As a return in gratitude Mr Narasimha Rao fulfilled the dreams of Hindu fundamentalists by allowing the demolition of Babri Masjid.) ND Tiwari was also suggested for contesting in the Presidential election but he fell short in front of Sonia Gandhi’s choice for a woman president.. ( Only now we come to know that somewhat the more comfortable Rashtrapathi Bhavan has been saved from the playgrand NDTiwari.)

A leader with such a stature has succumbed to his natural instincts with a hope that he could hide his personal misdeeds forever since the Indian system is known to protect influential officers, politicians judges and media men committing crimes.

We can recall how the former Director General of Police S.P.S Rathore a molester is continued to be protected by the establishment . Mr Rathore IPS, as President of Haryana Lawn Tennis Association, molested Ruchika (14) on August 12, 1990. Ruchika committed suicide. Mr. Rathore slapped false cases on the victim’s brother, challenged the lower court orders and doctored the post mortem report. He continued to serve the state under four Chief Ministers. The case was transferred from Haryana police to CBI which came to a conclusion that Rathore committed the offence punishable under Section 354 IPC (molestation). However even CBI opposed abetment of Suicide charges against Rathore. Therefore it is well established in India a molester DGP can escape with soft punishment after two decades with the help of his political masters, police and intelligent agencies.

Mr ND Tiwari should have been emboldened by such a system which helped the former DGP of Haryana, SPS. Rathore, to escape after committing a sex crime. The poor soul under estimated the scientific advancement of DNA tests and Spy cameras but should have sensibly thought twice for the fact that country is led by a woman president and his own party is led by a woman who could not be expected to protect his shameful activities at Raj Bhavan.

It is pathetic to see the political life of a veteran politician come to an end because of his sex life.

Those who read the stories of second world war may remember how the countries used women to milk information from army officers and officials of the enemy country. It is dangerous for a country to be ruled by a person of such weakness Even the media men fall for women as in the case of a senior press person who publishes favorable news items about Sri Lanka in return of the women supplied at the bed rooms of the palace in Columbo. Our security adviser MK Narayanan should concentrate on looking at National security in this perspective. A Governor has run a brothel at Raj Bhavan. Beware of Governors, Ministers, Judges and Media men trading official secrets for Sex.

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