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TNA out of sync with Tamil diaspora

[Express Buzz, Tuesday, 12 January 2010 09:40 No Comment]

By making up its mind to participate in the upcoming Sri Lankan presidential election, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has broken away from the Tamil diaspora, which has been pressing for a boycott.

Whether it is the radical Nediyavan faction based in Norway or the more moderate one based in the United States and led by V Rudrakumaran, the diaspora has called for a rejection of electoral politics in Sri Lanka and its substitution by a political and diplomatic offensive against the island government both at home and abroad.

But the TNA, with 22 MPs in the current Parliament, and comprising people who live in Sri Lanka, had begun to feel that it would be prudent to shed the bravado of the past 30 years, its unrealistic goals and ineffective methods, and work for the realisation of the Tamils’ legitimate rights within the Sri Lankan political system.

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