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Government plans election-rigging in Jaffna peninsula

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 20 January 2010 09:25 No Comment]

Although the delivery of polling cards ended on Monday postmasters in Jaffna have been unofficially instructed to issue them by high government authorities, according to postal department officials who wish to remain anonymous. Apart from this, Minister Douglas Devananda and former Inspector General of Police, Chandra de Silva, are engaged in activities aiming at rigging the votes of people in K’linochchi district which falls under Jaffna electoral division, Sarath Fonseka’s supporters in Jaffna alleged.

Only less than 55% of the total 6,23,678 polling cards in Jaffna peninsula has been delivered to the registered voters while nearly 45% of them lie undelivered in Jaffna post offices, Jaffna Election Department officials said.

It is not possible to issue the remaining polling cards as the addresses of the voters are not available, they added.

In this context, the unofficial instruction to continue the issue of polling cards has been given to postmasters by government authorities even after the issue of polling cards had officially ended on Monday.

Meanwhile, 90% of the polling cards in Ki’linochchi division lie undelivered in Ki’linochchi and Poonakari post offices as very few of the Vanni people have been resettled in their areas.

Postal department officials who wish to remain anonymous said that the Vanni voters in Jaffna and Ki’linochchi division will be taken to the polling booths in Ki’linochi on election day where their polling cards will be issued at a place near the polling booths.

It is alleged that Minister Douglas Devanda and Chandra de Silva are planning to exploit the above situation to their advantage.

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